On California beaches invaded mysterious blue creatures

blue creatures

In recent years, scientists are more and more paying notice to the strange things that happen in the sea, but no less strange events happen on the beaches. Billions mysterious little creatures were dumped on the beaches along the west shore of theUnited States. Needless to say, the locals have shown huge interest for the invasion of mysterious invaders.

Creatures the size of each of which is 7-10 centimeters have a bright blue color and the gas-filled fin, which allows them to rise above the water surface. Because of him, the route of movement of beings totally dependent on the winds and currents.

The number of creatures that have been dumped on the beaches of North America, is outstanding. We, with my students, they have counted more than a thousand per square meter. Thus, the figures are just astronomical, – says Kevin Raskoff, a professor of biology at the College of Monterey.

Experts puzzled as to why sea creatures were on the shore, because of their nature, very little is known. Creatures like jellyfish – they have a similar construction with them and have a sting to stun their prey, although not capable of causing momentous harm to humans. They feed on zooplankton and drift around the huge fleets of which may contain millions of individuals.

 According to experts, despite the fact that the creatures are very common in the oceans, their life very little is known. Scientists believe the reason that the people were on the shore of the ocean could be heating of coastal waters.

Velella velella (lat.) – Representative of the colonial hydroids, oceanic pelagic species. The only member of the genus. The creature is not an self-governing body, but a colony of hydroids.

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