New Zealand Moeraki Boulders

BouldersThese mysterious large boulders regular spherical shape with a diameter of 1 to 2 m are located on the east coast of New Zealand on the Pacific coast, in a place called Moeraki.

The people of New Zealand have different anti-scientific theories concerning the emergence of these boulders. One of them says that it is fossilized dinosaur eggs. Popular version with the landing of aliens  eggs, but did not survive the harsh terrestrial climate. And according to the legends of the Polynesian Maori is a basket with food and pumpkin.

About 15 million years ago in the Miocene period, the ocean floor has risen above sea level and erosion forces began their work on the formation of a new landscape. As a result of the soil had been washed previously formed solid spheres of education, who were lying on the shore of the Pacific Ocean in modern New Zealand. It is curious that in some places there are places where the stones still appeared from the interior of the steep bank.

If we turn to the facts, we can say that, according to the analyzes using optical devices, X-ray and electron-probe microscopes, boulders are composed of sand, silt and clay, cemented by calcite. Moerakskie boulders not only – in various versions like boulders are all over the globe for example, in Costa Rica, Israel, USA, Canada, Russia and so on. Moerakskie just the most numerous.

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