How to survive in the desert?

For tips on how to survive in the wilderness, it should be sent to Peter Kammerfeld. For over 40 years this man has trained lessons of survival in extreme conditions USAF pilots.

 Mr. Kammerfeld believes that the main situation for survival in the desert are shade and moisture. Mistake many lost the way in the wilderness, there is that all their labors they spend searching for food and the way to civilization, while the power you need to spend watchfully to search for water and shade. 

It should be remembered that without food a person can live for weeks, but under the roasting sun in a state of dehydration would not last a few hours. If you can not build some resemblance of a roof over his head, the shadow in the desert cacti can give. Moisture in them is very little. Even after the rain, when they are drenched, the moisture from the cactus is hard to extract. It remains to save moisture reserves, which are in the body. 

It is necessary to keep your mouth close up. When moisture is not sufficient, you should breathe through the nose. Another significant aspect of survival in the wilderness called Kammerfeld keeping quiet.

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