How to live a hundred years

23 Aug

1. The Japanese have the highest life expectancy in the world, an average of 78 years for men and 85 – for women. In Japan, the development of medicine, a good environment – not least is the fact that 85% of the population lives in the countryside.

And that’s not all! Japanese scientists have questioned several thousands of citizens who have lived to a ripe old age. Here are recipes from first-hand, Never go to bed angry at anyone, especially to the members of his family. Eat more fruits and vegetables, herbs, seafood, drink green tea. Include in the diet of beans, olive oil, dairy products. Take time to relax, do not worry about the lack of money, and rejoice that you have. 

2. Among the Greeks, the second highest life expectancy. Scientists from the University of Athens found: Mediterranean diet, rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes, fish and olive oil, not only helps to maintain health, but also helps to prolong life. It antioxidants: vitamin A and C, which neutralize the effects inflicted cells by free radicals. Thus, this way of eating to reduce mortality from heart disease and cancer.

3. Many centenarians Abkhazians, third on the podium centenarians, biological age – 60 They win at the expense of ecology – the clean mountain air and water from mountain springs. By the way, like the Tibetans. They move around a lot – and across rugged terrain, and eat only organic foods.

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