Protect yourself from the negative effects and negative energy

Negative energyScience has not yet proved the presence of vampires, sucking the energy, as well as the presence of damage and the evil eye. But even the most modern people, cynically minded, can not be denied that one person can bring about positive emotions, and next to the other person can feel like sucked the life force and energy.

No wonder since ancient time’s different people say that there are energy vampires, people with bad and hostile look, magicians and sorcerers, who for his own pleasure willing to harm others. Continue reading “Protect yourself from the negative effects and negative energy”

The power of weapons of the Stone Age

StoneScientist decided to experimentally verify the advantages of copies with a stone tip that human ancestors began to use about half a million years ago.

Equipment wooden copies of stone-tipped cost is very expensive: it is much harder to produce weapons, tips often break down and need replacement, finally, because of the fragility of the stone beast so spear need to prick several times, risking their lives. Continue reading “The power of weapons of the Stone Age”

The biggest planet in the galaxy

Biggest planetJust a year ago, scientists using telescopes ALMA saw a stunner – the creation of a huge planet in the Milky Way galaxy, which was given the title of the largest planet in the galaxy.

Astronomer at Cardiff University with the help of a powerful telescope ALMA lucky enough to watch the process of the birth of the biggest stars of the galaxy the Milky Way. Mass protostellar clouds formed 500 times larger than the diameter of the Sun, and its luminosity was higher by several orders of magnitude. Continue reading “The biggest planet in the galaxy”

Scientists have reproduced the birth of the universe

mysterious Physicists from the United States, Chinaand Germanyusing computer calculated the situation that reproduce the birth of the universe. Their findings the authors published in the journal Physical Review Letters, and briefly with them can be found at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Classification is important to give details the observed asymmetry between matter and antimatter in the universe (the observations in the noticeable part of the universe show that the particle is much larger than antiparticles) and self-consistent models of inflationary cosmology .  Continue reading “Scientists have reproduced the birth of the universe”

On California beaches invaded mysterious blue creatures

blue creatures

In recent years, scientists are more and more paying notice to the strange things that happen in the sea, but no less strange events happen on the beaches. Billions mysterious little creatures were dumped on the beaches along the west shore of theUnited States. Needless to say, the locals have shown huge interest for the invasion of mysterious invaders.

Creatures the size of each of which is 7-10 centimeters have a bright blue color and the gas-filled fin, which allows them to rise above the water surface. Because of him, the route of movement of beings totally dependent on the winds and currents. Continue reading “On California beaches invaded mysterious blue creatures”

How to survive in the desert?

For tips on how to survive in the wilderness, it should be sent to Peter Kammerfeld. For over 40 years this man has trained lessons of survival in extreme conditions USAF pilots.

 Mr. Kammerfeld believes that the main situation for survival in the desert are shade and moisture. Mistake many lost the way in the wilderness, there is that all their labors they spend searching for food and the way to civilization, while the power you need to spend watchfully to search for water and shade.  Continue reading “How to survive in the desert?”

How to live a hundred years

1. The Japanese have the highest life expectancy in the world, an average of 78 years for men and 85 – for women. In Japan, the development of medicine, a good environment – not least is the fact that 85% of the population lives in the countryside.

And that’s not all! Japanese scientists have questioned several thousands of citizens who have lived to a ripe old age. Here are recipes from first-hand, Never go to bed angry at anyone, especially to the members of his family. Eat more fruits and vegetables, herbs, seafood, drink green tea. Include in the diet of beans, olive oil, dairy products. Take time to relax, do not worry about the lack of money, and rejoice that you have.  Continue reading “How to live a hundred years”

Unknown source deplete the ozone layer

Carbon tetra chloride – dangerous chemicals that deplete the ozone layer, – continues to flow into the atmosphere from an unknown source, said NASA. Under the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer, this carbon tetra chloride, which is widely used in fire extinguishers and for CFCs, fell under the ban.

NASA said that in 2007-2012, the new emissions of carbon tetra chloride were recorded. However, according to the latest research department in 2013 released into the atmosphere 39 kilotons of matter that accounts for roughly 30 percent of the peak level of emissions in the past. Continue reading “Unknown source deplete the ozone layer”

Trail leads to the river

Trail leadsThe origin of man today is a lot of debate, but a consensus scientists did not come. One thing is certain: the man appeared on this planet for a long time and passed in its development a big way. Considered to be the cradle of mankind Africa, because it is there found the remains of Australopithecus age of 2.3 million years. 

If we talk about Homo sapiens, he started to learn Western and Central Europe 42-45 thousand years ago.

Perhaps migration homo sapiens from Africa to Central Europe began through East. At least, the people who settled in Eastern Europe, not later than in other parts of the European continent.

Continue reading “Trail leads to the river”

This is a terrible word – blockade

 terrible wordIt seems that today there is in the territory of the former Soviet Union is no person who does not know about this tragedy. Everyone has heard about 125 grams of bread, which in the worst months November and December 1941 were for the residents of Leningrad daily soldering.

Was made this bread of bran, sawdust, bagasse, dried grass and glue. Flour it was not more than twenty percent. Surrounded by the German city of starvation killed more than 600,000 people. The dead were all families. I think everyone Lenin grader whether for personal impressions or recollections relatives have to say about that terrible time. Which shortly before the war was ten years old, did not like to think about how everything was. But something I learned from it, and I will tell here a few episodes.  Continue reading “This is a terrible word – blockade”