Where and when Bormann died?

31 Jul

BormannA college graduate at Eton and the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in, as well as the universities of Munich and Geneva, became a writer until 1953, when the first of his fourteen novels about the 007 – Casino Royale .

But the name of James Bond Fleming coined for eight years before that. Conscript with the beginning of World War II, he was appointed assistant director of the Secret Service of the Navy, Admiral John Godfrey. Such a high position, Fleming was probably due to the fact that came from a wealthy aristocratic family, and his father, who died in 1916 at the Battle of the Somme, was a friend of Winston Churchill – Secretary of the Navy, and then the Prime Minister of Great Britain.

Fleming was responsible for a series of covert operations, supervised release of prisoners of war inNorway, and established the location of German rockets FAU provided intelligence to the Allied invasion ofItaly. According to one version, which became known in 1997, 33 years after the death of Fleming, he allegedly developed and directly participated in the operation to kidnap Martin Bormann, implemented May 1, 1945. Operation was proposed by Fleming code name James Bond – was the name of the author caught the eye of Fleming directory on ornithology.

Lieutenant of the Royal Navy, 22-year-old Christopher Creighton , made a career under the auspices of Major Morton, the legendary head of the M, super-secret unit of British intelligence, as well as the Prime Minister Churchill. That they chose to participate in the Crichton performing secret tasks of the British Government. A significant role in the biography of Lieutenant played and Joachim von Ribbentrop, whom Christopher called uncle. Ribbentrop, one of the top leaders of the fascist party, a personal friend of Hitler,

several years was ambassador to England, and in 1938 became Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Third Reich.

Who understood that the war was lost, devised a plan to Flight of the Eagle. His goal was to move spoils of war, looted in the occupied countries, in the hiding places scattered throughout the world and controlled by the Germans. Fleming and Crichton got access to the plan through a network of agents, and reading it, immediately started to develop details of the operation, James Bond.

First of all, Crichton was instructed to make contact with Uncle Ribbentrop and to probe the opportunity to go through it on Bormann. Crichton was able to contact the minister on the phone, which he openly rejoiced. He also understood the inevitability of Germany’s defeat, was considering possible ways to escape abroad, and he hoped that if he could get to the UK, the extensive acquaintance in the country will ensure his safety.

Meeting with Uncle was scheduled for February 20, 1945. Crichton went toGermanyunder heavy guard. Ribbentrop admitted in an attempt to leave the fatherland and in exchange for the provision of safe crossing the German border, promised to persuade Bormann to cooperate and not notice the penetration pair of British agents in the Berlin bunker Nazi leadership.

After some time, Crichton and Fleming met Bormann inBerlin. There plan was adopted extinction Bormann proposed by him. The plan called for the appearance of his double murder of which will safely leave Germany this Bormann. He handed Crichton all information about you, including copies of medical records, and the conspirators parted before the implementation of the plan.

Returning to England, Fleming and Crichton, with the approval of the management of the M, started to look for candidate counterparts Bormann. Such was found inCanada. It was a German who lives there, Otto Gunther. It was shipped toEngland, and was subjected to surgery, including dental, surgery to make him a second Martin Bormann. The fact that it is prepared to die, pseudo-Borman, of course, did not know. All training was conducted at a secret base of the M in the town Berdhem.

In the Sunday, April 22, 1945, after receiving a signal from Ribbentrop, participants in the operation left Berdhem, a converted bomberWellingtontook off from an air base not far fromBedfordand landed inBrunswick, occupied by the Allies. There, they were transferred to another plane and overcome some 200 kilometers toBerlin. When approaching the city, members of the group left the vehicles by parachute, landed on the shores of Lake Muggelsee and the last 20 kilometers crossed by boat.

Early in the morning of April 23 Creighton, Fleming and the rest of the operation came to one of the underground bunkers where they waited for the SS guards.

The next day, Crichton met Bormann, who by that time had already prepared the liquidation of his double. And in the evening on May 1 Task Force exported Bormann from Berlin and sent him to England. There he was put on a couple of months on the basis of Berdheme where staying under heavy clock security, the former secretary of the Fuhrer signed documents confirming the transfer of the British authorities to dispose of all the Nazi accounts in Swiss banks. Then, Bormann was a detailed account of his escape fromBerlin. Then he straightened British documents, and he became a man, having nothing to do with the Nazi Bonzo Martin Bormann, who was murdered inBerlinon May 1, 1945. A few years a new citizen of Britain lived in a small village in Surrey, and then it was shipped to Argentina, where he moved after a while in Paraguay, where he was admitted for permanent residence.

There’s also settled many of his comrades in the party, managed to get-away from the doomedBerlin.

Christopher Crichton described the history of the operation James Bond in his book The last great secret of the Second World War, published in 1996.

Crichton argues that Bormann died inParaguayin February 1959. According to a secret agreement between the CIA, the Paraguayan government and German intelligence, the body Bormann secretly moved to Berlin and there buried for later discovered.

This operation was to convince the world that the chief servant of Hitler died in Berlin before the war.

It was assumed that this extinguished the public’s attention to the fact that 90% of small German spoils of war were in England, who shared them only with the United States.

Back in 1992, director of the Center for the Investigation of Nazi Crimes search the organizers and perpetrators Simonov Wiesenthal confidently claimed that Bormann was killed in May 1945 while trying to flee from Berlin.

According to official government documents, released in Paraguayin January 1993, Bormann did manage to escape from Berlin, arrived in the capital city of Asuncion in 1956 and lived there until his death February 15, 1959. Bormann’s body was secretly buried in Ita, 35 kilometers from the capital. Other information in the documents is not.

However, Hugh Thomas, a doctor, a specialist in forensic medicine, in his book The Twins, published in 1995, reported that the body was exhumed Bormann in Paraguay, delivered to Germany and buried it again, and then dumping it accidentally discovered . These statements Thomas coincide with the fact that Crichton wrote.

What remains of Bormann were found in Berlin many years after his death is imaginary and real, indirectly confirms the official recognition of his death, issued by West German court in April 1973.

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