What a waits Russia and the world in 2015

07 Jul

Future worldEach of us was always interesting at least one eye to look into the future world. One of the most common ways to learn what we are waiting for – to appeal to people who have the gift of clairvoyance. However, among the charlatans, simply earning on human trust, there are truly gifted people, whose forces really lift the curtain of the unknown. 

What say the soothsayers and psychics that we prepare the upcoming 2015?

Consider the major global economic and political vision state of Russia and the world for the next year in terms of clairvoyants.  

First of all, let us turn to the writings of Nostradamus. In one of the poems about the year 2015, says: Because of two heads and three arms separated by a big city is exhausted water. Great among themselves baffled exile. Next string: Byzantium strongly persecuted Persian head. Try to explain this quatrain-prediction French prophet. Sign will be adverse the birth of a monster. Tectonic failure to lead the flood or flood. In addition, the closure is a clear idea of governing the State a certain ruler by overthrowing him from his post. Probably establish a union resulting from internecine clashes Iran and Turkey. It is directed against the countries, adherents of Christianity.

If you examine the mid-16th century almanac left Nostradamus find mention of the war between the Persians and Turks, which will bring death, hatred between the warring, but the result will be a peace treaty.

Edgar Cayce’s predictions for 2015. Known predictor of 20th – century Edgar Cayce left to posterity a prophecy concerning Russia and the United States in 2015. Russia will become a prosperous state, and the center of human civilization will be Siberia.

His prophecy of the United States while it seems unlikely. According to Edgar Cayce in 2015 in Alabama can occur major eruption of the volcano that has the greatest impact on people’s lives and the environment in the western hemisphere of our Earth.

Believe it or not the prophecies in that year, everyone decides for himself. But there is still a lot of evidence that forecasts famous clairvoyants surely implemented and continues to this day. Forecast another seer George Friedman even more favorable. He argues that Russiain 2015 actually finishes association with the countries that were once part of the USSR; thereby begin another confrontation with the United States. The scientist also claims that this year, the Russian Federation will be the most powerful nation. Due to the global crisis, the European Union is on the verge of breaking up, on small areas, thanks to Russia that sells natural resources and its impact on the world will further increase.

Also expressed their opinion and Maria Duval status Russiain 2015. It claims Russia is waiting for an incredible wealth. Especially teller sees the strengthening of state power in the hands of one person. In Russia served cultural upheaval, which reflected in the creation of a new society that will not be like the previous one. In science and medicine, too, there will be a large opening, but the opening to be made in space exploration, will surpass all others. It will open many secrets of the cosmos humanity.

Heed the prophetic words about Vanga 2015. Crisis in the world economy will cause discord among countries already in the beginning of the year. In the interpretation of its predictions red thread follows the idea of a causal link between the natural and material cash disasters. This means that the map of the world may change as a result of devastating wars. Wang also foreshadowed the troubles associated with high water – according to her, the continents of South America, Europe and parts of Asia will be covered by the waters of the oceans. For the second half of the year it allocates to the migration of peoples surviving territory:Canada,USA, and Russia. Thus, a large portion of the population will be concentrated in these countries. Among those who interpret the word Vanga, there are suggestions that it deals specifically with the prediction in 2015.

For example, Pavel Globa foreshadows our country strong alliances with the countries of the former USSR. The same opinion is shared by George Friedman, American geopolitolog analyst. He said the resumption of the Soviet Union and the transition to the Cold War between Russia and the United States. If you take to the attention of the current state policy of the Russian Federation, this statement is quite real.

Many forecasters promise serious strengthening of Russia’s position in 2015, arguing that the economic crisis around the world. Closer to spring start downturn in the U.S.economy, reducing the influence of the European Union, the increase in gas prices and oil as times that make some countries dependent on our own.

Despite a pretty dangerous prediction, psychics foretell Russian Federation success, prosperity, diversifying and increasing influence on the world.

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