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27 Jul

impostorsThe suite of Napoleon was a man who looks a lot like him. His name was Francois Robo. After the defeat of Napoleon’s armies and the links of the emperor on the island of St Helena Robo returned home. In the autumn of 1818 he suddenly disappeared without telling anyone. For his home fate Francois remained a mystery.

But in the church archives preserved a record: He died on the island of St. Helena. It seems now become clear doubts of people who visited Napoleon on the island after 1818. They believed that the emperor has changed a lot – gait, demeanor and talk.

Moreover, the one who called himself Napoleon, suddenly showed a complete ignorance of the facts which are well known to Napoleon genuine. There is also a personal letter to the commandant of the island with a mysterious phrase: The Emperor has left … Does this mean that on theisland ofSt. Helena Bonaparte replaced the double? It is possible.

Now let’s move on to another dictator Napoleon. In 1939 in England, published a book, The Strange Death of Adolf Hitler. The author has not been specified, reported only that the manuscript transported from Nazi Germany through third countries. The book claimed that Hitler was killed in 1938, and was replaced by a double, a certain Maximilian Bauer. In the postwar years, some historians have modified this version. Hitler allegedly killed after the assassination Stauffenberg in 1944, it was then that a double, and came to the scene.

This is all to say the least, unlikely. Let’s say, many of Hitler’s entourage were misled double, skillful actor. But Eva Braun could not help noticing the substitution! It is unlikely to be rushed to the besieged Berlin to become the wife of a twin and soon to die with him…

After the death of the Roman dictator Nero also appeared doubles and impostors. There were several. Version of the history of one of them was described by Leon Feuchtwanger’s novel False Nero. According to the version of the writer, approximate Nero, Senator Varro, in order to regain power, the emperor found the twin who died – of a potter named Terence.

As might be expected, an attempt to extradite him for the collapse of Nero ended – still potter and the emperor is not the same thing. Yes, false Neroni were, but false and fake Caesars Caligula was not observed. What was going on? Apparently, the fact that the circumstances of the murder of Caesar were so obvious and well known, that the impostor would have no chance. Caligula is so hated as opposed to Nero, who, with all his extravagance was loved by the people, that the appearance of false Caligula was simply makes no sense…

But state and hostile toRome-Macedonia- as they say, does not remain in debt. After the defeat of the Roman legions of the Macedonian troops were killed and the king of the Persians, and his son Philip. It was then, and there was a certain Andriks, declaring himself thus Philip, the rightful heir to the king. Who was he? According to the Roman historian Titus Libya, son of draper. However, his works were initially very successful. He believed even the Thracian king Teres, instructing him as Philip command his troops for retaliation Rome.

Son draper managed to win several local victories, but was soon defeated, brought toRome, exposed and executed.

However, the most famous impostor was, perhaps, Anna Anderson, pretending to be miraculously survived after the execution of the royal family Grand Duchess Anastasia. Wrote about it a lot, and we detail on her fate will not dwell. Suffice it to say that the later genetic studies have proved conclusively – Anna Anderson has no relation to the royal family.

Let’s go back toRussia. Few so lucky to impostors, as Peter III. XVIII century was a time of difficult for people however, when it was easy?. Drought, famine, oppression … And wandered rumors that the Emperor Peter III was murdered and did not die, and hiding from his persecutors, and soon people will come to the rescue.

And he came – in 1765. It was a runaway soldier Gabriel silicon. Having learned about such a curious case, Catherine II did not even angry. There was this, – she wrote, – without a reason and sense considerations and only from alcoholism, violence and ignorance. Silicic treated very graciously given in modern parlance, the crime – just flogged and banished.

But more – more. There was a Don Cossack Pugachev. Alive Tsar Peter Fedorovich, – shouted the crowd. That’s it. Alive, it turns out, the conspirators killed the king. At that time in history, legends thirst was stronger than reality. The fate of the Pugachev too well known to reminding of that once again. But the ghosts of Peter III continued his wanderings in Russia. People just were not here! And the peasants and Cossacks and soldiers … Even the eunuch was – Kondraty Selivanov. In the end,Russiawas closely shadows the murdered emperor. Another Peter III appeared in Montenegro. It was a man named Stephen. Captain Taneyev and the monk Theodosius, who personally knew Peter Fedorovich the first was a courtier, the second confessor Peter, solemnly testify that it is he who is. Following requests from the Montenegrin elite take the kingdom in 1768 Stefan publicly proclaimed himself Peter III. He ruled in Montenegro is not too long. Then Montenegro at war with Turkey, and Stephen night, in a dream, killed a Turkish spy.

Toured in Europe scammer under the same name. He managed for twelve years fooling not only the European monarchs, but even by Voltaire and Rousseau!

The real name of the impostor remained unknown, but is known for his fate. He was exposed, arrested in Amsterdam and in prison suicide.

According to recognized historical sources, the Russian Emperor Alexander I died inTaganrogin 1825. However, there is another version.

If you believe her, Alexander entered, like the current daunshiftera – voluntarily gave up power, its temptations and privileges disappeared in Siberia and lived there for forty years under the name of Elder Fyodor Kuzmich.

So what is this old man? The person is real, but whether he could in fact be Alexander – try to understand.

Circumstances of death Alexander mysterious. Allegedly, he died from a sudden illness. Then inTaganrogdied courier masks, outwardly very similar to the emperor. The body inSt. Petersburgbrought in a closed coffin, it is also buried. Opened only once, and the people attending the ceremony noted that the face of Alexander changed.

And soon the same Elder Fyodor Kuzmich appears among the peasant settlers inSiberia. He hides his past, but his high level of education, knowledge of foreign languages, awareness of the details of the capital life of high society – all said that man is far from simple. And noted its amazing resemblance to the late Emperor Alexander. Of course, it was not seen by peasants. The elder of whom were rumors visited and educated people. And after the death of Fyodor Kuzmich was discovered by his encrypted recording. The attached letter stated that they will reveal his secret.

So, Alexander or Alexander? Alas, the code record is not solved till now. But experts to collate handwriting Fyodor Kuzmich and Alexander claim: a high degree of confidence we can say that they are different people.

We told you, of course, not all impostors. History of imposture and twins boundless. Here and mysterious Gaumata pretending to be the son of the Persian king Cyrus, and several Falsdmitry, each of which claimed the throne under the name of Prince Dmitry, son of Ivan the Terrible, and cornet Savin, almost became king of Bulgaria, and many others. But all this is in the past.

Is it possible to imposture – in that, the classic sense – today, in the era of genetic expertise and computer technology?

Who knows … At every weapon there own protection, but also for each protection can be found weapons. So maybe in this thread early to finish.

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