Secret code pyramids

 pyramidsUntil recently it was believed that the pyramids – the majestic tomb, the last resting place of the Pharaohs. Now, however, scientists insist that their functions are much broader.

Diagonal one of the faces is directed along the meridian exactly at the North Pole, and with an error smaller than the Paris Observatory. Moreover, it turned out that the Egyptian pyramids made master reflection of the stars in the constellation Orion, and the top of the Great Pyramid looks exactly Polaris.

Is such an amazing location accuracy was required only for burial of Pharaoh?

According to one theory, the pyramid – is a powerful energy center of the Earth. Location Cheops pyramid is unique in this sense: the meridian, which is located on its top, divides the surface of the land and sea equally, including the Americas and the Pacific, and furthermore, parallel, passing through the center of the pyramid, also divides the planet into two equal parts by the amount of water and sushi.

Andrey Sklyarov, author of the film Technology of the Gods, maintains a working version of the pyramids as the energy storage device for human use or onward transportation. American scientists have tried to make this theory scientific. They say that under theGizaplateau is the aquifer. Flowing water created an electric charge, and ionized air shafts and corridors worked on the principle of the car battery. In many scientific papers repeated the idea that the Great Pyramid is not a cultural structure, and maintenance that is the repository of something or a machine designed to perform a work unknown to us.

And here the theory is intertwined with another, equally mysterious – the disappearance of Atlantis. Great psychic Edgar Cayce claimed thatEgypt- the repository of knowledge lost Atlantis and the pyramids – a library gathered together the secrets of an ancient culture. Was it really Atlantis or some other civilization – is unknown, but the number of adherents of this theory is growing.

How did they do?

Theory of the existence of a more ancient and advanced civilization and proves the existence of such knowledge and technology to which our science is only now approaching.

In XIX century British archaeologist Flinders Petrie was amazed that the sizes of plates, which make up the pyramid, have an error of not more than two millimeters, and in the joints can not even stick a knife blade. Key mystery – how huge stone blocks were raised to a height of several tens of meters?

Even now, with modern construction techniques, it would be difficult to implement. Traditional sources provide information on the use of slave labor and primitive tools in the form of scraper and inclined planes.

Herodotus wrote about 100 thousand people, more than 20 years working on the construction of the pyramid of Cheops, but does not explain how all these people were placed on a limited area.

Japanese enthusiasts have tried to build a pyramid, using ancient technology. This proved a daunting task. Mound to lift the blocks had to be as big as the pyramid itself, but they collapsed under its own weight.

Followers of the alternative point of view argue that blocks the Egyptians rose in the air. Artificial phenomenon of levitation using ultrasound was discovered in 1979 at Caltech, regardless of Americans this discovery was made in the Soviet Union. But then it was about things no bigger than a hen’s egg, and of stone blocks weighing several tons not say even now.

How old are they same?

When it comes to the purpose of the pyramids, once there are contradictions about the time of their creation.

The official theory is that they are about six thousand years. However, there are at least three evidence that the tomb is much older. If you put the location of the pyramids on the map, you will see that they follow the curves of the bed of the River Nile, but found him at a great distance. Is it not logical to assume that once built pyramids along the Nile directly? River gradually changed its course, but in order to go so far from the pyramids, she would need a lot more than six thousand years.

The Great Pyramid was built on the site of a much more ancient building – believe independent Egyptologists. Inside it is a narrow course, going deep into the earth. Much indicates that this move created in ancient times, the so-called pre-dynastic period.

The foundation of the pyramid is the second oldest of the pyramid of Cheops.

All this suggests that the traditional ideas of the establishment of the pyramids are not entirely true. More precisely, this version says researcher John West Sphinx. Huge stone covered with traces of the body of the Sphinx flowing streams of water. It is known that the Sahara desert was green savanna about 10 thousand years ago, and it was then left on the Sphinx these traces.

And the most fantastic theory, while claiming the truth, like everyone else, says that the Sphinx about 36,000 years.

Ancient cosmology

Decipher the inscriptions on the walls of the pyramids people try very long time.

And although it is believed that most of the manuscripts anticipated, much of what was left of us Egyptians, remains unknown. Deciphering labels very complex work, scientists counted four thousand characters, and each characters multiple values.

To understand what is at stake, you need to learn to see the different levels of meaning.

In 1822, French scientist Francois Champollion and the English scientist Thomas Young deciphered the hieroglyphics on the Rosetta stone. Champollion had already said that his translation is incomplete, and characters can mean more than sounds and words. Agrees with him Lert Skrempton, developer of software for decryption. He says that the characters are the property of abbreviations and connecting with other characters, get some sense.

Scholar argues that some forms of characters borrowed from cosmology. Sun denoted circle with a dot, the moon – in the form of a crescent. Inscriptions tell of Egyptians representations about changing the day, the seasons, the Earth’s position. The largest numbers of entries devoted to the observation of the heavenly bodies, the main targets were the Moon, the Sun, the star Sirius and Orion.

But the most surprising – presentation about the world of the Egyptians were not primitive. Thus, it became clear that they were familiar with the concept of the atom and energy. Lert Skrempton convinced that the study of ancient Egyptian cosmology may be interested experts on string theory.

Modern physics has only recently been able to answer the question about the number of elementary particles – more than 200, and a recent study of Egyptian hieroglyphs say that ancient scholars knew this and called a more accurate figure – 266. Skrempton concludes that contemporaries’ pyramids possessed such knowledge to which our science is just approaching.

An interesting fact is that the Egyptians, so carefully prepared their pharaohs to the afterlife, do not have a language such thing as death. Modern interpreters meet character, previously interpreted as death in the records of the movement of the sun and stars, where it means movement to the west. The Egyptians believed in the immortality of the soul, they identified the events taking place in the sky, with the events of the earth.

As the sun every day hiding in the west and was revived in the east, the star Sirius 70 days disappeared from the horizon, and then reappeared, resurrected and the human soul did not finish his course, and temporarily go west. Knowing about the amazing development of the ancient Egyptian civilization, it is doubtful that it was only religious beliefs.

In one same scientist are absolutely certain: work on deciphering the code is not complete pyramids, the information stored for thousands of years in stone yet to be learned.

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