Lost Treasures of King John

18 Jul

TreasuresThe throne in 1199, having inherited it after the death of his elder brother, the famous Richard the Lion heart. John was then in ’32 old. Cruel and voluptuous, besides extremely quarrelsome, he kept quarrels, skirmishes and wars with neighbors.

Oddly enough, John had practically no permanent residence. No, residences he had many, but none of them he did not stay more than a week. Almost all of the king and his court, consisting of hundreds of riders and a huge convoy, were in the military campaigns.

Loaded on wagons for the carriage of the king followed his personal belongings, extensive wardrobe, bed with duvets and even a bath.

John loved jewelry. Dozen wagons intended for the carriage of the royal treasures – objects of gold and silver, expensive jewelry looted, purchased or received as a gift.

The war withFrancein 1214 ended for John brutal defeat. With the remains of the troops, he returned to his homeland to fight again, but this time with the English barons. Those demanding the return of their former rights, abolished the king. Not having the strength to withstand the huge army gathered by his opponents, King conceded and signed the famous Magna Carta.

But it was only a tactical ploy. Less than two months, as John gathered his forces, announced Charter illegal and launched a war against his own people – conquered city after city, plundered monasteries and castles, replenishing their already has a huge treasury.

In old English chronicles describes the ruthless killings king recalcitrant. When John went to the north – we read in one of the chronicles, – the inhabitants of those places fear obediently opened the city gates, and the barons – one came to ask for mercy, while others fled.

In desperation, the rebels called for help from the French crown prince Louis, promising him the English crown. In May 1216, French troops landed atDover.

But time passed, and the enemies of the King personally convinced that the French knights came toEnglandnot as allies, but as occupiers who dream only about profit. This has weakened the rebel spirit that was on hand to John. He tookCambridge, seized the rich locks Hedingham and Claire. With his army cruel king moved farther and farther to the south of the country. His wealth grew with each passing day. Precious trophies and gifts from the people of the conquered cities already struggling to fit in his baggage.

Dangerous crossing

Especially rich gifts bestowed greedy lord residents ofLynn, who became John fatal. Here he contracted dysentery. It happened after John ate some wonderful peaches, which served him townspeople.

In early October 1216 the sick king with his army went further along the river Uellstrim. Wagon with jewels moved fromLynnlater. He had to cross the river and join up with the army of the king.

During high tide, the water level in the river rises considerably. In addition, the bottom of it was a lot of crafty, black spots. Not knowing them, it was possible to get into the quicksand. For crossing this dangerous water barrier needed an experienced guide. But crossing started on their own.

About how it was held, kept records monk Matthaus Paris – one of the most influential chroniclers of the time. He wrote: The moment was favorable for the crossing: at low tide the water moved very far. But in October of Carr holds a dense fog. Also moving on the wet sand, which could well be quicksand, was risky. Of course, the driver’s tried as soon as possible to overcome the dangerous places. But in vain: the convoy with precious trophies firmly stuck in the sand. Soon began a strong tide and the water comes to digress impossible.

King saw this horrible picture from afar. He hurried to the waggons perishing, but to help him no and he could almost drown, chased by water-come. John lost everything, all the horses, and their wealth – reported chronicler. – Under the pressure of the water the earth opened and swallowed up the breakers of men, horses, wagons, dragging them into the water.

According to the modern value of the lost treasure of the rate is estimated at several million pounds (to calculate the exact amount, of course, is impossible). This loss was a heavy blow to King John. Besides his illness every day progressed. He was so weak that he could no longer climb into the saddle without the help of servants. Royal physician, Abbot of Croxton, cope with illness, John was not able to.

October 18 a terrible storm broke out with gale-force winds. And the next day the king died inNewark. They said his death was hastened despair he felt after the death of his treasures…

Held for century after century. Landscape in the region where drowned in the sand the crown jewels, eventually changed beyond recognition. Here was formed plain with fertile fields and blooming gardens. Everything seemed to have forgotten about the lost treasures, and only 1915 of them finally spoke again.

Almost a hundred years ago, Secretary of the London Antiquarian Society John Hope, made a presentation about the lost treasures of the king. That the report and aroused great interest in the extraordinary treasure.

The first treasure hunts engaged Lord Northcliffe – the founder of the well-knownLondonnewspaper Daily Mail, a great lover of archeology. He instructed his newspaper correspondent George Karnoku find out as much as possible about the history of the death of the convoy. This required a lengthy investigation. As a result Karnok came to the conclusion that you need to search for treasure in an area of about one square mile multimeter under a layer of sand. Test drilling has shown that, most likely, the treasure is located at a depth of 13 meters.

The First World War for a long time stopped working hunters. The summer of 1929 to join the search for treasure rich American HerbertBonn, as it turned out, had long dreamed of finding treasure King John. He agreed to partially fund the work. It was created by a joint stock company issued 1000 shares with a value of one pound each.

First of all should find out the exact location of the treasure, and this required a sensitive device.

The Search Continues

The summer of 1933, Herbert Bonn met with an immigrant fromGermany, by a Karl Gladvitsem. The latter said that he created the device – a kind rudoiskatelnoy vines, and this device can be effectively used to search for the treasure.

Inventor walked with his grapevine area where most likely could treasures be, and started for the preparation of the report. It German confidently wrote that he was able to find at least twenty wagons with gold and precious things, like caskets, gold and silver crosses, cups and other things.

I guess – he reported – that in one of the carts are the crown jewels, and I will be proud if I could give them personally to His Majesty King George V.

As might be expected, turned out to be an explorer and Gladvits charlatan. On the fruitless search was spent more than 20 thousand pounds with zero result. The case ended with a scandal and litigation.

New quest for the treasures of King John began in 1950. Now searchers were armed by this physical device that measures the electrical resistance of the dissimilar parts of the ground. In this way, manage to survey more than two square miles of territory, and to find the path that is obviously moving convoy. This was an important achievement.

How do things stand today? It seems that before the discovery of the treasure is still very far. This will require a lot of time, money and modern technology.

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