How much can you drink cups of coffee without harm?

drink coffeeMortal dose of caffeine is the portion of 10 000 mg. Scientists from Canada have counted how many cups of coffee a day you can drink without risk to health. According to experts, a person can take up to 400 milligrams of caffeine, the middle two cups of coffee per day. When this injury is minimal.

If you drink a large cup of invigorating drink, it will contain three-quarters of the daily value of caffeine.

However, scientists have noted that the indicator of normal depends on genetic factors and sex of the individual. Also on the harmlessness and a daily dose of coffee affect medicines that takes people. For example, in the use of contraceptives, caffeine is absorbed more slowly.

By the way, the day’s quota of coffee for pregnant women is half that of the standard daily dose: only 20 milligrams. In other words one middle portion of coffee.

Lethal dose of caffeine is the portion of 10 000 mg. This is about 75 cups of coffee per day.

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