Greek pyramid- the sensation of the day

 pyramidGreek pyramids have been the focus of historians and archaeologists in the mid-nineties of the XX century. But barely begun their studies, as a number of scientists hastened to declare their prototypes Egyptian buildings. Academy of Athens and the University of Edinburgh have even stated that the general idea of the pyramids came to Egypt from Greece.

Pyramid Hellenic though cordoned off the fence, but its gates wide open always disclosed, and any security given. So that those who wish to meet her close always have the opportunity to go to her and even get inside, because, unlike the Egyptian pyramids, it is hollow.

Entrance to the pyramid is made in Mycenaean, conical style and is located on the east side, like all ancient temples, including the famous Parthenon.

On the background of Egyptian and American pyramids construction in Hellenic looks quite modest in size.

Historians of antiquity the pyramid mentioned by Pausanias. He claimed that it was built Acrisius and his brother to pass, according to legend, were incensed still in the womb.

Acrisius was king ofArgos, and the grandfather of the famous hero Perseus. But what, in fact, Pausanias reported: On the way from  Argosto   Epidauruson the right side there is a building that is very similar to a pyramid … Here a battle for the throne between the pass and Acrisius; say their dispute ended in a draw … For those who lost their lives in this battle, constructed a general tomb.

The oldest

So what should happen to this little pyramid tomb suddenly became the focus of attention of scientists? The fact that in February 1995, while head of the Athens Academy of Sciences Pericles The oharis announced the results of two-year studies. It turned out that the pyramid was built in the Hellenic approximately 2720 BC. That is it for a hundred years older than the Egyptian step pyramid of Djoser, long considered the oldest in the world.

However, according to the recently discovered method of determining the chronology of ancient sites in the wake of exposure to the sun on the stone blocks in the parts where there are traces of cutting rock pyramid in Hellenic even older. This method determines the date of its construction around 3000 BC.

Ligurian pyramid dates from around 2100 BC with an error in one direction or another 600 years. Originally these building dimensions were 14×12 feet, but now it is of little that is left.

Another ancient Greek pyramid – tomb of Amphion, which was built out of the hill, turned into a stepped pyramid. This hill is directly linked with the history of founding of the city of The bes. Considered the founder of The bes, Amphion, son of Zeus and Antiope, bred a shepherd with his twin brother Zetom.

According to legend, Amphion fame as a musician. Having learned music at the Lydians, he to the four strings lyre added three more. During construction of The besst ones themselves moving to the sounds of the lyre of Amphion, which he gave Hermes.

History brothers remained simple descriptions, until archaeologists discovered in the bowels of a hill very extensive system of tunnels and underground rooms, one of which could well be the tomb of Amphion and Zeta.

Excavations were carried out in 1971-1973 by the famous archaeologist Theodoros Spyropoulos. He came to the conclusion that the tomb of Amphion is the only structure in Greek culture in the form of a stepped pyramid, ie it is obvious anomaly for this civilization.

Spyropoulos identified and construction time of the tomb of Amphion – 2500-2000 years BC. Moreover, in the pyramid were found four gold pendants in the shape of lilies, topped plants resembling papyrus, which can be classified as typically Egyptian motif.

Traces of Egyptian colonists?

I must say that the relationship of ancient Greece and Egypt   were very close.

Cretans fought with Egypt extensive maritime trade, exchanging ivory for ceramics and jewelry.

Crete often finds Egyptian products and borrowing some artistic ideas, such as the lotus flower motifs.

Spyropoulos convinced that the step pyramid builders near The bestrew somehow connected with  Egypt. Pyramid built at the time when the Greeks did not build these tombs, and typical for them was to burn the dead ashes of the placement of the burial urn, over which was erected a small mound.

Archaeologist suggested that they Zet and Amphion were Egyptian colonists. But in 1972 when he first put forward this suggestion in the article Egyptian colonization in Boeotia, then subjected to ridicule.

However Spyropoulos insisted that the tomb of Amphion is a unique structure, and at the same time proved that it is not an isolated historical phenomenon. Contrary, it was an organic part of the mysterious forgotten civilization, which flourished in Greece between 2800 and 1700 BC. He called it the Minoan civilization and was convinced that the ruling elite in it consisted of Egyptians willing to engage in southern Greece and Cretein intermarriage with the Minoans.

Burial of the time were housed in collective and narrow, rock-cut tombs. So Hellenic Pyramid fits into the concept of collective burial.

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