Danube Troopers

30 Jul

TroopersIn the ship’s charter said about it: All personnel in place to combat schedule. Means a ship completely made for immediate action.

It is this willingness №1 announced for all the fleets and flotillas People’s Commissar of the Navy NG Kuznetsov at midnight on 22 June. People’s Commissar risked his head – was Stalin’s instruction not to succumb to provocations. But even more risk Danube Flotilla Commander Rear Admiral Nikolai Abramov VO. He did not just brought their ships to combat readiness.

He brought them to the parking areas of the river. And when at 4:15 am Romanian artillery batteries opened fire on Soviet bases and anchorages, our ships were not there. But severely damaged the main base of the fleet – the port city of Izmail.

Five minutes after the firing, assessed the situation and asking for their superiors, Abramov you ordered to return fire. Fire anti-aircraft guns met the attack of the Romanian aviation. Three aircraft were destroyed.

Large losses turned Romanians attempt to land at 9 am on the beach a few Soviet infantry units. They were destroyed by fire shooters 23rd Regiment. So that on 22 June, when other parts of the front burned hundreds of Soviet aircraft and tanks, throwing guns, army retreated, suffering heavy losses, on the southern Danube arrows and sailors won, throwing back the enemy.

Danubeflotilla could successfully perform not only offensive but defensive tasks. But for the normal functioning of the flotilla was necessary to conduct a strategic offensive – to take part of the high-Romanian Bank, ruling over the river. Shall dig about it, the enemy in every way impair the operation and supply fleet? To stop the constant bombardment, it was necessary to expel Romanians from the commanding heights, especially in front of the main support bases – Ishmael, rhenium, and Kealia Vylkove. Romanians is also well understood and therefore particularly strengthened the coastal zone.

The main fighting force of the Danube flotilla consisted of 5 artillery monitors, 22 armored and 7 boats, and trawlers. In addition, it was based: Separate Infantry Company, 17th machine-gun company, the 46th air defense artillery battalion separate. Worked closely with the sailors of the 23rd Infantry Regiment of the 51st Division and Perekopskaya 79th border guard detachment, which included a division coast guard NK VD (4 boats chaser and 22 small river boats).

They were opposed by the so-called Romanian river division, striking forces which were seven monitors the First World War, but with powerful artillery. In addition, a significant number of armored.

For 22 and 23 June, our border guards several times successfully crossed the Danube, capturing prisoners, identifying firing points and destroying small units.

Morning of June 24, after an artillery barrage monitors Impact and Martynov, three companies of border guards and shooters landed at Cape Satul Nou.

Swift blow they overthrew the Romanian battalion captured 70 soldiers and officers. Suffered no losses, only 10 people were injured.

The Soviet command immediately decided to build upon progress and started to prepare the landing of the second landing directly in the area of the city Chilia Veche. Troop landing – 4 armored, 10 coastguard boats.

The commander of the landing – Lieutenant Commander IK Kubyshkin. Landing force – three battalions of the 23rd Infantry Regiment.

June 25 evening landing went on the attack. Romanians have noticed the approach of the Soviet boats too late. Despite the artillery fire (two boats were damaged), managed to land on a landing Romanian shore. Capturing a fierce attack coastal fortification, Marines stormed the city.

Romanians organized resistance was completely broken. Only in the church lodged several German officers, instructors with a machine gun. In the end, the Romanians themselves perekololi their bayonets, not to hinder easy to give up. By 10 am, June 26 landing fully mastered the fortified area and took a bridgehead to a depth of 3 kilometers and the front to 4 kilometers. Were defeated reinforced infantry battalion and a frontier post, the enemy lost more than 200 officers and men killed, and about 500 (according to other sources – 720) a person surrendered, captured 8 guns, 30 machine guns, more than a thousand rifles.

Marines lost five men killed and 7 wounded.

During the day on June 26th Flotilla boats were planted small units, who took the tactically important towns and islands, bringing together the two bridgeheads into one. As a result, both banks of the Chilia arm – the territory of a length of about 70 kilometers – in the hands of Soviet troops. Danube flotilla received the freedom of action and could provide effective support to ground units.

In his memoirs, Chief of Staff of the flotilla VV Grigorieva, there is mention of a certain sergeant Kurbanov. Quite possibly, this is my friend the veteran.

It is very likely that, too, was a sergeant, and an accountant before the war.

Two hundred and thirty two piece, Comrade Lieutenant! And the first time today, we conducted a marina one hundred eighty ordinary. Four hundred twelve. Of them – three officer. 

Well think Comrade Sergeant.. And how do you know that among the rank and file have officers quiet? They are without uniforms. They admitted?

Why should I consider bad, Comrade zampolitruka? I worked up to the army of the collective farm accountant. A Romanian officer … he did not tell itself – nothing.

I learned to silk underwear! Soldier quite cheap to manufacture a shirt.

The leader of the Romanian fascist Antonescu was furious and ordered to repel the Bolshevik territory Romagna Mare (Greater Romania). 27 and 29 June Romanians tried to eliminate the bridgehead.

Infantry Regiment, the whole day was fighting for the village, which was defended by thirty guards. All to no avail.

Antonescu, Hitler called and asked for help aviation, saying that Romania invaded ten thousand commissioners NK VD in green caps.

But the Führer was no free reserves, and on the Abwehr intelligence he knew that the Soviet soldiers and sailors on the beachhead a little more than a thousand. Already with them descendants of the Romans and Dacians should handle themselves.

Romanians pulled to fresh bridgehead shelves. Twenty thousand Romanian soldiers stormed the position in which they sat down and a half thousand of our soldiers. Turned bloody battles (especially brutal – 3, 4 and 6 July). Total were repulsed with considerable loss 18 major attacks Romanian troops. The Soviet soldiers did not retreat, and in some places even expanded their bridgehead.

Only when the German-Romanian forces, using the success of the Ukraine, began to threaten the flanks and rear of the Southern Front, was ordered to leave the staging area. 18-19 July 1941 Danube flotilla ships, taking the Marines, went to the defense of Odessa.

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