Baby sleeping and protection of four cobras

24 Jul

 four cobrasA child who has apparently not more than six months, sleeping on a cot, while four cobras around him took a defensive stance.

At some point, the baby begins to stir in his sleep and grabs one of the snakes, but deadly animal remains completely calm and does not react to it.

In comments to the photo people share their impressions of what he saw. Some admit that they were shocked by the staff. Others believe that the child was subjected to serious danger, because the snake can at any time to bite him. There are others who say that it is just a trick that is used snake charmers. According to them, snakes fangs had been deleted, and their mouths are sewn.

It is not clear where the movie was filmed, but the spectacle of a cobra, which is among the most dangerous reptiles on the planet live in India and other parts of Southeast Asia. Their length is 2 meters, and snake venom is enough to kill 20 people.

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