Danube Troopers

In the ship’s charter said about it: All personnel in place to combat schedule. Means a ship completely made for immediate action. It is this willingness №1 announced for all the fleets and flotillas People’s Commissar of the Navy NG Kuznetsov at midnight on 22 June. People’s Commissar risked his head – was Stalin’s instruction… Read more Danube Troopers

Sword of Monomakh

Many have heard the famous nick name Vladimir- Monomakh, but few people know why it was called the prince. In 1043 his grandfather Yaroslav the Wise sent his son Vladimir in the military campaign against Byzantium. Russian boats came to Constantinople, where they were met by a fleet of Byzantine Emperor Constantine Monomakh. Boil battle. Armed… Read more Sword of Monomakh

Times impostors

The suite of Napoleon was a man who looks a lot like him. His name was Francois Robo. After the defeat of Napoleon’s armies and the links of the emperor on the island of St Helena Robo returned home. In the autumn of 1818 he suddenly disappeared without telling anyone. For his home fate Francois… Read more Times impostors