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Where and when Bormann died?

BormannA college graduate at Eton and the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in, as well as the universities of Munich and Geneva, became a writer until 1953, when the first of his fourteen novels about the 007 – Casino Royale .

But the name of James Bond Fleming coined for eight years before that. Conscript with the beginning of World War II, he was appointed assistant director of the Secret Service of the Navy, Admiral John Godfrey. Such a high position, Fleming was probably due to the fact that came from a wealthy aristocratic family, and his father, who died in 1916 at the Battle of the Somme, was a friend of Winston Churchill – Secretary of the Navy, and then the Prime Minister of Great Britain. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Sun formed 100,000 kilometer thread of magnetism

Magnetic fieldScientists watching the new entity that emerged in the sun on July 29. The length of this magnetic thread is more than 100,000 km from end to end, and it is filled with dense plasma. Winding thread rises from the solar magnetic fields.

If it will break or fracture, it will fall to the surface of the star, which can result in flash Haider – flash type that does not require the presence of a sunspot.

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Danube Troopers

TroopersIn the ship’s charter said about it: All personnel in place to combat schedule. Means a ship completely made for immediate action.

It is this willingness №1 announced for all the fleets and flotillas People’s Commissar of the Navy NG Kuznetsov at midnight on 22 June. People’s Commissar risked his head – was Stalin’s instruction not to succumb to provocations. But even more risk Danube Flotilla Commander Rear Admiral Nikolai Abramov VO. He did not just brought their ships to combat readiness. Read the rest of this entry »

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Sword of Monomakh

MonomakhMany have heard the famous nick name Vladimir- Monomakh, but few people know why it was called the prince.

In 1043 his grandfather Yaroslav the Wise sent his son Vladimir in the military campaign against Byzantium. Russian boats came to Constantinople, where they were met by a fleet of Byzantine Emperor Constantine Monomakh. Boil battle. Armed kamnemetnymi machines and Greek fire ships Byzantines began to restrict the Ruthenians. And if the past and had a chance to take revenge, it is only as long as the sea has not burst storm. Read the rest of this entry »

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Riddle of the daughter of the gods

the gods daughterArriving in modern Egypt tourists, who are interested in its history, be sure to visit the pyramids. But not less popular and a tour to Luxor.

Local guides are fond of saying: He, who, having been in Egypt, had not visited Luxor, and did not see the most important thing. It was here in the XXI-XV centuries BC. e. stretched the grand capital of the ancient Egyptian kingdom, which the Egyptians themselves called Uaset and Greeks – more common in the West, the name of Thebes. Perhaps nowhere else in Egypt there is no focus monumental religious buildings, grand palaces and monuments of the Middle Kingdom. Read the rest of this entry »

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Times impostors

impostorsThe suite of Napoleon was a man who looks a lot like him. His name was Francois Robo. After the defeat of Napoleon’s armies and the links of the emperor on the island of St Helena Robo returned home. In the autumn of 1818 he suddenly disappeared without telling anyone. For his home fate Francois remained a mystery.

But in the church archives preserved a record: He died on the island of St. Helena. It seems now become clear doubts of people who visited Napoleon on the island after 1818. They believed that the emperor has changed a lot – gait, demeanor and talk.

Moreover, the one who called himself Napoleon, suddenly showed a complete ignorance of the facts which are well known to Napoleon genuine. There is also a personal letter to the commandant of the island with a mysterious phrase: The Emperor has left … Does this mean that on theisland ofSt. Helena Bonaparte replaced the double? It is possible. Read the rest of this entry »

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The phenomenon of biblical manna

biblicalWhen the prophet Moses, the leader of the Israelite tribes, called by God to lead the Israelite out of Yahweh Pharaoh’s bondage, performed the commandment of Almighty Allah, that in the course of this severe and long journey, he repeatedly sought advice and assistance to the Almighty

Once again God’s help needed the Jews when they were endless desert without food altogether. 

How and what kind of food the Lord has sent to those who suffer, and how they are prepared and consumed it, clearly and eloquently tells the Bible.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Angkorthe city in the heart of the jungle

heart of the jungleFirst Europeans managed to find it back in 1601 Spanish missionary Marcelo Ribandeyro. However, while finding no one interested. Secondarily it opened in the middle of the XIX century French naturalist and explorer Henri Mouhot.

Traveling to remote areas of Cambodia, Myo had heard the legend of the lost city, in which he lives only a handful of monks. These stories are quite typical for the eastern countries, initially did not attract his attention. But sometimes hunters, fishermen and farmers from the villages on the banks of the Tonle SapLake, said that they had seen this mysterious city, and even called him the exact location.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Everyday our body superpowers

superpowersThe human body the amazing complexity of the mechanism. This was always known, but modern medical research only confirms this, regularly supplying us with new facts that seem not just amazing, and truly wonderful. In some of them hard to believe, but they all take place inside you right now.

In the human body as blood vessels, their total length would be enough to wrap the Earth two and a half times.

The human eye is so sensitive that if the Earth was flat, you could see a candle flame for thirty kilometers. Read the rest of this entry »

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Baby sleeping and protection of four cobras

 four cobrasA child who has apparently not more than six months, sleeping on a cot, while four cobras around him took a defensive stance.

At some point, the baby begins to stir in his sleep and grabs one of the snakes, but deadly animal remains completely calm and does not react to it.

In comments to the photo people share their impressions of what he saw. Some admit that they were shocked by the staff. Others believe that the child was subjected to serious danger, because the snake can at any time to bite him. Read the rest of this entry »

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