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ShakespeareMarks 450 years since the birth of the great English poet and playwright William Shakespeare. However, researchers still can not safely be called the date of his birth. Moreover – more and more scientists are inclined to believe that in fact all works of genius, signed his name, were created by another person…

The son of German engraving depicting Shakespeare XIX century surrounded by his family

It is believed that William Shakespeare was born in Strat ford-upon-Avon April 23, 1564, three days later, where he was baptized. However, other source indicates different dates and in many April 26 appears as a birth date. And it is impossible to determine where the truth, because today almost did not come any documents, letters, and even the original manuscripts of Shakespeare.

William’s father was a small artisans and merchants – made gloves, selling timber, barley, wool, and not particularly successful. Also future playwright’s family had seven children. Virtually unknown, where he studied Shakespeare, there are only information that in Stafford-upon-Avon was the usual free school, where she had a minimum knowledge – most likely, he attended it up.

And then there is another mystery in the life of Shakespeare – it is unclear how the simplest family and regular school gave the world the poet such a high level with tremendous expertise in the broad areas of science and art? Because at that time there were almost no such fashion now notion of social elevator – the possibility to easily get from one social class to another thanks to a very good education.

In England the XVI century, children of artisans mostly it became artisans, and only the offspring of the very rich and noble families could get a serious education and join the best examples of art and culture.

Meanwhile, Shakespeare, the son of an ordinary artisan, judging from his writings, had a truly encyclopedic knowledge – his vocabulary was about 20,000 words, while the average person of the time he could hardly exceed two thousand. In Shakespeare’s contemporaries Francis Bacon vocabulary was 9-10 thousand words, and the vocabulary of modern educated Englishman no more than four thousand words. Moreover, Shakespeare enriched the English language – he introduced his 3200 new words!

In addition, the playwright knew foreign languages – Italian, French, Latin, Greek, and read classical Greek and Roman works in the original – Homer, Plautus, Ovid, Seneca, Plutarch, a perfect knowledge of the Greco-Roman mythology. Researchers found on Shakespeare quotations he read Montaigne, Ronsard, Ariosto, Boccaccio, and many other famous writers of the past.

He easily talks about the political realities of the past and present, showing awareness about the lives of kings and courtiers – talking about it with knowledge of the matter, as though he is one of the powerful. German Chancellor Otto Bismarck once wrote that Shakespeare was involved in public affairs and to backroom politics.

Analysis of AMD chronicles Shakespeare’s sonnets shows that he understood the law, world history, music, and even botany – in his works there are 63 names of plants. In addition, he well knew medicine and anatomy.

Playwright well versed in military affairs, including the ocean – the most complex and rich in specific terms. Shakespeare described competently life of aristocrats and the rules of etiquette, hunting scenes and more.

Judging by the works of Shakespeare, he has visited many countries, has traveled all overItaly, knew the terrain that is difficult to describe, never seeing.

As Shakespeare said John Mitchell: Shakespeare was a writer who knew everything.

Meanwhile, the biography of the real Shakespeare said that he had never left England. At age 18, he married 26-year-old Anne Hathaway, married with whom he later had three children. It is known that the young couple first lived quite modestly. Further, in the biography of the official Shakespeare should be a failure in a few years, after which he was suddenly, finds himself in aLondontheater Globe, which constantly put his plays. In 1599, Shakespeare – co-owner of Globe and quite a wealthy man, he even got the right to family coat of arms and a knighthood. In 1612 he leftLondonand returned to his hometown. March 25, 1616 playwright made his will and died April 23 – in the anticipated date of his birth .

As he wrote in the XIX century French literary critic and historian Hippolyte Taine: Our knowledge is limited information about Shakespeare’s birth, marriage and moving to London. We believe only in the fact that he rewrote the play of others, made a will and died.

By the way, in his will, too solid puzzle: first, it is written by the notary with the words of Shakespeare, and secondly, it does not appear his literary works, but all things are from his home, including an old tin pepper. Moreover, in his house, according to the inventory, there is not a single book!

A modern graphology, having studied Shakespeare under uncertain signature testament concluded that … he was not used to holding a pen in his hand.

Who is he?

Naturally, the question arises – who is hiding under the name of Shakespeare, rustic and almost illiterate lender? And why he had to hide under a false identity, hiding your own?

Many researchers believe that it was the philosopher Francis Bacon, received an excellent education and have excellent literary style. However, as we have already mentioned, in this dictionary Bacon was twice less than that of Shakespeare, and his own works not up to the level of Shakespeare.

There are versions that it was an English poet Christopher Marlowe – but also his own literary works far from the genius of Shakespeare.

There are many versions of the real Shakespeare. However, it is possible that the great poet and playwright was … Queen Elizabeth I, the last of the Tudor dynasty. Referring to several facts.

First. It is known that the queen encouraged and took care of the theater Globe in which Shakespeare’s plays was staged.

Second.Elizabeth was considered a child prodigy. Early childhood she showed great ability: knew Greek, Italian, French and other languages. In Latin she read the works of ancient historians and was in correspondence with the enlightened people of Europe. It brought the best teachers fromCambridge. Naturally, being the queen, she understood in international and domestic politics, knew palace etiquette, customs and much more that is inaccessible to people unroyal blood.

In addition, there is one small piquant moment. Some researchers argue that Shakespeare was a different sexual orientation – some of his sonnets dedicated to men. If imagine that lady wrote them – all at once falls into place.

Naturally, the royals, the ruler ofBritain, could not admit such a strange and vulgar passion as creative writing and writing plays for the theater. In those days, actors and writers of plays were considered third-grade people, Litsedeyami, jesters. But a true poet can not write. Therefore, it is possible that so was created the greatest literary hoax, whose name is William Shakespeare

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