Six Secrets of Omsk

OmskErmakova mane
Available from Omsk land near the river Irtysh, Upland, called Ermakova mane or Ermakova Mountain. According to scientists, it is a natural formation. However, the popular rumor gives a different explanation of his appearance.

According to an old legend, here, long before the founding of the city, on the high bank of the Irtysh located parked Ermak reconnaissance unit led by Ivan Ring. At dawn patrol noticed the approaching cavalry Siberian Khan Kuchum. Tatars could not catch unawares Cossacks, those able to prepare to repel the attack. A fight broke out.

Tatar soldiers realized that they cannot defeat the enemy, and retreated. Ermakovtsy burying fallen friends sat in Struga and went down the river. Then he returned to the scene of the battle Tatars and Cossacks near the graves of their fallen comrades buried. Thus was formed the long embankment, dubbed Ermakova mane, which survives to this day.

Treasures third capital
When Russian Civil War raged, Omsk became the main city and the seat of the Whites supreme ruler of Russia – Admiral Alexander Kolchak. City even informally called the third capital. It is known that in the hands of Admiral got untold wealth – gold reserve of the Russian Empire. The fact is that after the First World War, Nicholas II ordered the evacuation of Russian treasury in Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod. But after the revolution, most of the imperial treasures first went to the Bolsheviks seized Kazan, and then recaptured its fighters Colonel Vladimir Kappel and transported to Omsk. In 1919, at the disposal of the government was Kolchak gold amounting to 650 million rubles in prices of that time.

After the arrest of Admiral Treasury Russian Empire was once again in the hands of the Bolsheviks, but this time it lacked a very large amount. According to rumors, of the wealth still hidden in Omsk. Some argue that Kolchak valuables buried somewhere in the country, while others believe that they are buried at the bottom of the Irtysh, others believe that they need to look in the secret city dungeons. Many have tried to find the missing treasure, but so far no one has happiness and smiled.

Gold widow
Another lost wealth is haunted hunter – jewelry widow Maria Alexandrovna Shanina. She was one of the wealthiest residents of Omsk: had a sewing workshop, a few shops and an apartment house. After the revolution, the Bolsheviks and the capture of the city Shanin tried to escape, but was caught and shot. However, accumulated over the years with her good-commerce was not. Did not find it and at her home. There are a legend that one day my daughter was a widow in a dream and told the Virgin where the hidden wealth of her mother.

While Mary strictly forbade anyone to talk about it. But she violated this vow and said his dream mistress’s apartment where she lived. Shortly thereafter, a merchant’s daughter died unexpectedly. Shanina found wealth in the specified place or not – is unknown. Some believe that the treasure is still not touched, and tries to find him.

In the schools own train
I think many students would want to go to school on the train, which would be directly rolled up to the house and after school drove back to. But perhaps so lucky really existed. Say about the Omsk region Serov area popularly called Karlushkoy is in honor of the student. According to rumors, here at the beginning of the XX century and his family lived the chief of city railway station. His son Charles studied at the gymnasium, and an influential father had built an additional intermediate station on the passing of his house railway line.

Every morning, going to the city train did stop to take on board schoolboy Karl and evening likewise delivered student home. Passengers and said: We are staying Carlos. And local train plying past the house of the stationmaster, too long called karlushkoy.

Revenge prisoner jail
Omsk many years served as a place where the exiled Russian convicts. For example, from 1850 to 1854 in Omsk convict prison serving a sentence Fyodor Dostoevsky, who was convicted in the case Petrashevsky. Writer reflected this period in his life, House of the Dead, The Idiot, Crime and Punishment. Associated with hard time’s one very eerie legend. It says that once out of jail Omsk escaped prisoner named succession. After experiencing a lot of grief in prison escapee decided to take revenge on their former captors. Since then, the city has begun to find the bodies of dead soldiers and officers, with each of them in the arm had invested a tuft of grass – series. Concerned command jail created a special squad to catch the avenger.

He was found hiding in one of the lakes. But preferred death to surrender succession authorities and drowned. Since then, the lake has been called alternation. But rumor says if alternate ghost still appears on the site of the former prison. Immigrants from another world and meet the people in the park named s0 anniversary of the Komsomol. They say that from time to time here at night ghost walks in the old woman’s magnificent dress and roam strange that arise, then disappearing silhouettes. Most likely, this is due to the fact that before the war the park was located on the site of the cemetery.

Omsk mummy
At this time, not a legend, but a real, though little known fact: the Museum of the Medical Academy of Omsk has 78 years kept the embalmed body of the person. In 1924, biochemist Boris Zbarsky and Vladimir Vorobiev anatomist conducted a unique work of embalming the body of the leader of the proletariat VI Lenin. But they could not even think that just seven years later, this method alone will develop a self-taught technician Omsk Andrey Romodanovskiy. And furthermore, even surpass Soviet science luminaries! After all, unlike Lenin’s body, which lies in a special sarcophagus were maintained temperature and humidity, and which constantly monitor specialists Omsk mum all these years rests in an unpressurized transparent box and remains practically unchanged.

Uniqueness of the method Romodanovskii in the fact that usually embalming internal organs removed: and so did the ancient Egyptians, and have done so with the dead Lenin. We saved Andrei Vladimirovich body not only touched bodies – its disclosure was not made at all. Scientists are still wondering how the physician self-taught achieved such amazing results. It is also unknown, whose body was embalmed it back in 1933. There is versions that serve science after the death of one of the employees agreed to an educational institution.

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