Reveals the secrets of smersh

smershRecreate the picture of those years the author of this testimony helped the former chief of smersh infantry division, retired colonel afonina.

In his time doing work alexey chief of the special department of the stalingrad front, kurskcaptivated german resident, acted in berlin,participated in the capture and abwehr intelligence center, was awarded by the chief of smersh abakumov.

According a fonina, the main purpose of the military counterintelligence was not only opposition to the abwehr, but also the introduction of our employees to the highest echelons of the reich, to the german forces training, elimination of subversive groups, conduct quizzes with the enemy, the fight against traitors of the motherland. Most interestingly, the name of smersh, stalin invented. On offer is called counterintelligence smernesh, the supreme said: it is not just about the fight with german spies. We graze intelligence and other countries. Simply called smersh. All members of the state defense committee agreed with stalin. The new body was created under his personal control to deal with the abwehr, get even … To the kremlin.

As reported in his book exploration and kremlin pa sudoplatov since spring 1942 abwehr focus turned to summer offensive wehrmacht ready for the caucasus and stalingrad. To this end, the secretariat ict was introduced brigade, who was captured in october 41st at viazma before the war – an officer of the central committee of the cpsu (b). Agent 438 – a nickname he got in the abwehr – a few days before the start of the battle of stalingrad, presented to the german intelligence center complete information.Of the troops of the stalingrad sector and measures to protect the city.

Capture agent 438 and failed. Stalin was furious.

Catastrophe atkharkovin the spring 42nd, march paulus at stalingrad activation german intelligence schools and subversive groups dictated the need to create special services that can not only withstand the abwehr, but to surpass it.

Operation berezina

Painful blow to hitler’s intelligence, according to general sudoplatova who led sabotage nkvd, was the operation berezina. In the summer of ’44 in the belarusian forests were surrounded by more than two thousand nazis under the command of lieutenant colonel sherhorna. Abwehr connecting ace otto skorzeny commandos tried to make encircled subversive detachment operating in the rear of the red army. But three groups were sent to establish contact with the squad, did not return back. Only the fourth failed to detect it.

Within two or three nights for the luftwaffe dropped loads squad. But all they got for other purposes, because instead sherhorna lieutenant colonel, who was taken prisoner, the group was introduced very similar to him colonel maklyarsky and mgb major william fisher. Guide abwehr after radioseansa with sherhornom ordered him to break with the group ingermany. But none of the nazis to the fatherland not reached.

Hunting for stalin

One of the most successful operations of smersh was to prevent the assassination of stalin in the summer of ’44. It attempted many times, but this time the abwehr prepared for a terrorist attack thoroughly. At first everything went according to plan. Landing nearsmolensk, seasoned saboteur tavrin and his wife-radio operator sitting on a motorcycle with a sidecar, took the direction of moscow. Uniformed red army major, a star of hero of the Soviet Union and the medals on his chest, had impeccable documents tavrin head of department smersh 39th army.

Especially for major in berlin was printed number pravda decree on awarding his star of the hero. However, the leaders of the abwehr could not know that our agent informed of the german capital of the impending action. Was immediately put into effect the plan interception.

Motorcycle stopped on the road rzhev -moscow. Patrol carefully checked the documents. Tavrin hurried them, they say, carry an urgent package tomoscow. Chief patrol alerted the behavior of major. When asked where they follow, he called a distant town. But the night was pouring rain, and the motorcycle and its passengers were completely dry.

We’ll have to go to the guardhouse, we instructed when checking documents contact management, – said the head of the patrol. The room was stuffy. Tavrin took his leather jacket, and once it became clear that he was not who he claims to be. All provided skorzeny coached tavrin except one – introduced under the plan interception new order of wearing awards. Instant scramble – saboteur and twisted hands stared at others. He tried to protest, but after a patrol entered tavrin companion, bringing the lessons of the bike station, explosives, and stacks of money with unprecedented weapons.

Especially for the attempt on stalin in laboratories reich security main office was developed rocket weapons pantserknakke is a miniature rocket launcher – said a. Afonin. It can be easily placed in the sleeve of his greatcoat. As a fallback tavrin was equipped with powerful explosive device hidden in a briefcase. In case if you can not commit a terrorist attack at the first attempt, the major had a guest ticket to attend a meeting inmoscowon november 7, 1944. Saboteur planned to keep a portfolio of near presidium in the courtroom. I read a private matter tavrin, interrogation protocol. The enemy is said, though it did not save him. After using quizzes with the abwehr, he was shot.

Who are you, frau olga?

Since the spring of 1941 in smersh began receiving information from berlin from the famous actress olga chekhova, wife nephew. In the early 20s she left a residence permit ingermany. Brilliantly played dozens of roles, olga became a state actor reich, a favorite of hitler himself, his girlfriend eva braun.

Actress and was friends with the wives of himmler, goering, goebbels. Everyone was fascinated by her beauty and wit. With a request to put in a word to the führer addressed her field marshal wilhelm keitel, gauleiters, ministers, industrialists, designers. It was the development of retaliation weapon, the construction of underground factories and missile ranges. Actress log all requests in a little book bound in gilded. The contents of these records became known not only to hitler …

Unable to establish when it recruited our intelligence, but i’m sure – it did sudoplatov – says ai afonin.

By olga in the spring of 41th center received a top-secret information coming from hitler’s entourage. The higher ranks of the reich at receptions and celebrations blurts state secrets, not knowing that close to them – a soviet intelligence officer.

From chekhov to smersh learned about the date of the german offensive atkursk, on production of military equipment, folding hitler ordered atomic project of separate negotiations with the germans dulles.

Chekhov had planned to use in the attempt on hitler’s life, but at the last moment, stalin gave a retreat. Gestapo knocked down, figuring out where they leaked. Soon came to chekhov. Interrogate it took himmler himself. He said to her home, but

Scout, aware of the impending visit, invited to tea … Hitler.

Arrested her at the end of the war officers smersh indicted harboring adjutant himmler. On the first interrogation chekhov called his online alias – actress. By order abakumov her secretly taken tomoscow. There save been rendered truly royal honors. After a conversation with the head of smersh took its beria, after chekhov invited to a reception to stalin. Her stay inmoscowwas held in the strictest confidence. Olga is not even allowed to see her daughter. On his return to berlin, the soviet occupation authorities provided save lifelong maintenance. She wrote a book, my clock is different, but not a word about the links with intelligence. Only secret diary, found after the death of olga and evidence sudoplatova say about it as deeply secretive intelligence officer.

Smersh, lasted only three years, left the bright trace in history. Although in fairness i must say that smershevtsy participated in the deportation of peoples of the north caucasus, crimea and kalmykia, and the massacre of the cossacks in lienz, and in the most severe test hundreds of thousands of soviet prisoners of war.

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