Repository of Atlantis

PyramidsFamous American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce claimed that some of the people who left Atlantis settled in Egypt. There, according to his hypothesis, stores the history of this vanished country. Atlanteans allegedly transferred to Egypt copies of all public documents and hid them in the Annals of the Hall – a small pyramid, located between the right paw of the Sphinx and the Nile River.

The storage of the body and are migrants from Atlantis. Someday people will find Hall of Annals, which will find musical instruments, banners, decorations temples altars, tables, printing, pharmaceuticals, textiles and gold Llano.

Pyramid of Cheops at Casey built a hundred years 10490 to 10390 BC At the same time, was erected and the Sphinx. Clairvoyant predicted that in the Pyramid of Cheops contains all the data about the period of the great progress in Egypt after the advent of advanced Atlanteans. Keyes spoke: The information is to be found in the bottom of the left front paw of the Sphinx, but not in the tunnels beneath. It is the cornerstone of the foundation of this foot.

The Prophet used to call the monument Pyramid of Understanding. Casey believed that the pyramid appeared due to levitation – use those universal laws that allow iron float in the air. And located inside one of them, Hall of Initiation – a symbol of higher goals.

Much of what is predicted by Cayce, and before him – HPB, has come true. Now almost at each pyramid discovered large voids. So, in 1954 on the south side of the pyramid of Khufu, scientists discovered two walled niches. The first boat was discovered Pharaoh IV-dynasty of the Old Kingdom, which lay almost almost 4600 years.

In 1987, scientists of the Egyptian Organization for the Study of relics and U.S. National Geographic Society under the leadership of the second chamber was discovered another rook.

Interested scientists question whether there is a void inside the pyramids or they represent a monolith? And such voids with a unique apparatus were discovered in 1987-1988. Many voids were filled with sand, which brought over 6 kilometers before falling asleep, carefully screened. This put scientists stumped. Yoshimura Japanese professor suggested that sand-filled voids are a kind of shock absorbers in the event of an earthquake. But not everything was so simple.

The cultural layer of ancient Egypt, there was clear leap in the development of science and culture is precisely the appropriate time about the date of the final destruction of Atlantis. Egypt until the death of the continent was only a frontier colony of Atlantis, or if not a colony, then addicted to it by the state.

Naturally, in order not to lose their power Atlanteans carefully concealed their knowledge from other nations. After the cataclysm, everything changed. Obviously, some of the survivors of Atlantis not only brought with them knowledge on high land of Egypt, but also led the reigning dynasty, turning Egypt into a highly developed state. It is possible that all of this knowledge did not only astronomy, mathematics and architecture. In fact, according to legend, the Atlanteans were able to manage and psychic energy.

If we assume that strictly oriented to the cardinal the great pyramids were also a kind of receivers of cosmic energy, it becomes clear purpose and voids with sand. As we know, is a myriad of sand grains, each of which has a crystalline form (silicon). And the property of crystals and store information store energy is fairly well understood by science.

E.Keysi confirm the words and the following facts: if it was previously believed that the volume of the pyramid of Khufu’s interior does not constitute or 1%, studies have shown that the volume of all kinds of voids in it is 15-20% of the total. This is not surprising.

If priests Pyramid Lake Maurice had a huge pyramid underground facility, then why not the pyramids of Giza have similar underground chamber. More R.Ballard celebrated this amazing fact. Moreover, in secret underground rooms, almost all researchers believe the pyramids. A secret underground repository of knowledge and pointed HPB.

However, scientists have moved closer to solving the mystery, the more obstacles they repaired the Egyptian authorities and soon work on studying the pyramids were frozen, but as it turned out, not for Egyptian scientists. In June 1998, the Australian magazine Nektus and the British newspaper Daily Mail said that Egyptian archaeologists conducting secret research, made a discovery of the century in the Great Pyramid. Egyptians using sonar found in the wall of the hallway leading to the tomb of the pharaoh tunnel and three cameras on him. Discovery became public when the tunnel stumbled S.Koks English Egyptologists, and K.Pins L.Piknett. Immediately thereafter, the Egyptian government shut down the pyramid for preventive maintenance. Obviously, the survey found the premises and their contents carried out without unnecessary witnesses.

On the presence of a secret repository of ancient knowledge, located at the Sphinx also pointed T.Endryu famous explorer who made about this record as follows:

… When Sphinx of Giza announces his warning, we must be prepared for the great events.

Guardians of the cultural heritage of vanished civilizations, we will open the secret vault in Egypt and show the existence of a highly developed science and technology in the distant past. On their television screens, viewers will see the stunning successes of civilization that existed many thousands of years before us.

Information concerning the Sphinx can be found in the fourth chapter, Revelation:

6. And before the throne a sea of glass like crystal; and in the midst of the throne and around the throne, were four beasts full of eyes before and behind.

7. And the first beast was like a lion, and the second beast like a calf, and the third beast had a face like a man, and the fourth beast was like a flying eagle.

If we look at a person’s face, the front part of the body of a lion, the back – calf and join those wings of an eagle, you just give the original form of the Egyptian Sphinx. And this is indicated by a number of esoteric sources. That in Revelation these animals are located in the midst of the throne and around the throne of God is just suggesting the presence next to the Sphinx treasury of human knowledge.

Of course, one can argue that the modern image of the Sphinx is missing the wings, but as the age of the Sphinx and the pyramids much older than it looks modern science, there is nothing surprising in the fact that our time this initial shape is not preserved.

Another repository of ancient knowledge, according to the Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga – a stone’s Ark – is located on the territory of modern Bulgaria. This sarcophagus also contains knowledge about the past and future of human civilization and, according to Wang, buried deep beneath the earth thousands of years ago the people of ancient Egypt. Knowledge of these ancient written scripts, the key to deciphering which already lost humanity. However, in his time, and is a repository of knowledge will reveal its secrets.

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