Poison Goering

GoeringThe U.S. Army Private Herbert Lee Stivers. Dear Russian friend, Mr. Zavorotnev! With great difficulty tracked through the American Embassy in Moscow your address to forward this letter of confession. You wrote Herbert Lee Stivers, a former U.S. Army soldier.

Remember the autumn of 1946, we Americans and Russian alternately carried guard at the Nuremberg Trials, and later in the prison where the main Nazis? We met with the changing of the guard.

 I saw on your jacket medal with the image of Uncle Joe Stalin as we called and asked to exchange it for hours. You almost punched me in the face then. It turned out that this medal for the victory over Germany, which cherishes every soldier.

Then we became friends. I was only 19, you – a little more, and we discussed our future. You said absently in Stalingrad, I well remember, as your name, which you have written in my book soldier. Then I introduced you to my girlfriend, a German, whose first day admitted that protected itself Goering. She rolled her eyes, but said nothing. On another date with me she brought her friend Mona. She immediately asked if it was true that I easily get in touch with Nazi number two? I behaved like a strutting turkey. Showed her autograph Goering, who took it from him. Then Mona, rolling his eyes flirtatiously, inquired if I could pass the drug very sick Goring is certainly not gratuitous.

And I bought it like an idiot. Then I was not alarmed that the Reichs marschall little resemblance to the patient. It was his guy, we talked to him about sports, aviation. I gave him medicine. Goering thanked. I had no idea how this will end. Tip a friend The scandal erupted when it was revealed that two hours before the execution Goering took poison. Shaking all time. Fortunately, it did not happen on my watch. And never the less, I did not find a place for him. After aiding the Nazis threatened me tribunal. Stone fell from my heart, when they found a suicide note Goering, in which he reported that the capsule of poison he always had with him.

Some investigators were skeptical, and versions that poison her husband brought the camera in his wife Emma at the last meeting. When the hype is more or less settled down, I invited you to celebrate the pub to celebrate the end of the process and the execution of the Nazis. Then I was really in a rush and get drunk frankly admitted that it was I who gave Goering the poison, thinking it was heart medicine. You do not believe me, they say that in a drunken delirium, and advised not to needlessly waste language. By doing this you saved me from a possible trial. I want to be clean before God and before you Shame for their actions and fear haunted me all my life.

Obey all over I could only thank to the dedicated advice my daughter, Linda, who for 15 years have seen my troubles. Besides, I learned that after so many years in prison I will not go to jail. My confession in the press as a bomb shell. And when a wave of public indignation subsided, I realized that the goods are not removed from the soul. I’m a man of deep faith, and not rest until I confess to you. I am already 86 years old, and before the move to the other world, I want to be clean before God and before you. To somehow atone for his sin, returning from the army, I got a very hard work – a metallurgist. Naively believed that hard work will deserve forgiveness.

I hope that you will understand and forgive me, anyway Goering path even without my participation. If you want to answer me, tell your address and telephone number. I remain your friend and debtor. Herbert Lee Stivers. Fatal Mistake I did not believe then Herbert – at a meeting with the author commented on the letter V. Zavorotnev. – You never know what might take a notion in his head drunk man. Especially suffered a nervous shock, such as the execution of war criminals. That day I was on duty on the roof of the prison and saw the bottom is fed to the next convict gallows as the hangman, Sergeant John Wood, coolly throws a rope around his neck.

I turned away, but nothing could drown out the screams and pleas of the victims. I waited for the withdraw Goering, with whom I had a special score. Demolished for its aircraft Stalingrad and our other cities. But, of course, did not. Later, when I returned home, I remembered that the Mona Herbert passed some medicine for Goering. And here I was like an electric shock: it really was poison! Herbert told me the truth, but will not run the same report it. Goering still dead. Why spoil the life of a man who has committed a mistake… How did you get on the Nuremberg Trials? Oh, it’s a long story. At the end of the war in the location of our infantry battalion arrived young colonel.

We lined up on the parade ground, and the officer, bypassing the system, selected the most stalwart and brave soldiers. We were taken to Potsdam, where we learned that they were in company of honor. After several weeks of heavy drill on May 8 we were taken to the airport Tempelh of – to meet the commanders of the Allied armies arriving in Karlshorst for signing the act of unconditional surrender of Germany. Winners are greeted with honors. The last band to an alternate plane seat with the German delegation, headed by Field Marshal Keitel. They had not been met. At a ceremony in Karlshorst I stood behind Field Marshal. He nervously twirled a pen in his hand and the ink-stained white glove.

When Zhukov ordered the captain of the German approach him for signing the act of surrender, Keitel gloved hand wiped the perspiration from his forehead, and the ink stains migrated there. Then we met the heads of the Allies inPotsdam. And in 1946 we were transferred to the process in Nuremberg. What did I have for all the service in the company not seen a guard of honor! And yet most of all I remember Zhukov. In April ’45, I ran into him, nose to nose. On that day, we were sent for language – continued his story Zavorotnev. Finding it ran into the SS. Hiding from them in the reeds on the banks of the Rhine, I slipped off the edge of the cliff and flew into the water.

Shore and bump on the marshal. It turned out he and our Army Commander Chuykov arrived by car. – Where are you from, soldier? – Asks Zhukov. It was evident that he was in a good mood. – Why, Comrade Marshal of theSoviet Union, became hot, decided to swim … – Good for you, Guardsman, was not taken aback. Bob – he turned to Chuikov. – Your Guard? – And without waiting for an answer, he added: – You there, in the store, something to eat? – Yes, one For Valour remained, Georgy – guessed Chuikov. – At most times, let her here. – That’s for that from Stalingrad to Berlin came … Real underground I then said to Marshal for which he received the same medal three years earlier.

In October 1942, our 138th Infantry Division defended the strip of land from the factory Red October to the banks of the Volga. In one of the battles shell explosion hurled me into the trench and covered with earth. When he came to, he could not understand where I cannot see any DIG. Moved with his hand and shuddered, feeling someone’s body. – Who are you, what part? – Hoarsely asked me in German. – I am a Soviet soldier and does not intend to be accountable to anyone – I replied in the same language. – Oh, you dirty pig Russian … You are my prisoner and should get me out of here. Then I’ll think about whether to keep you alive … Untermensch I was seized with fury, I grabbed Fritz in his throat and began to choke. German was stronger, twisted and squeezed my neck, as in a vise.

I wheezed and losing consciousness, bite my hand. German howled in pain and loosened his grip … – Oh, you bastard! Anyway you cannot live! Like you, we chase the Reich to work for the great German nation, and define your women in brothels. This I promise you – non-commissioned officer of the Wehrmacht! Hatred tripled my strength, we again clashed. I was younger and quicker, again got into his throat and began to choke. And he did it as long as he does not limp. When we dug up, and I kept Fritz the throat. Much later, I told this episode Herbert, but he did not believe.

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