The Holy Grail

The forerunner of the Holy Grail in the literature can be considered a magic cauldron belonging to one of the most revered Celtic Gods – Dagda. Translated name Dagda means Good God. Celts believed his patron land. Cauldron of Dagda was called inexhaustible and had a wonderful ability to satisfy the hunger of all who… Read more The Holy Grail

Berlin Wall-the band death

Although the May 2, 1945 the capital of the Third Reich fully captured Soviet troops, at the Yalta Conference in Berlin was split between the victorious countries. So the city, like a birthday cake, was broken up into four pieces. The fattest of them – East – got the USSR, the other three shared the… Read more Berlin Wall-the band death

Inquisition against leprosy

The end of the XV century European Inquisition established a clear system to combat the servants of the devil. By studying these processes, researchers usually pay attention to a variety of tortures, which was suspected of witchcraft. But in the old manuals to destroy witches have some very interesting points that allow a completely different… Read more Inquisition against leprosy

Miracles heraldry

Consider some of them in order, even almost in alphabetical order. Here, for example, Alfin. What do you think, on whom can be like an animal with the same name? On dolphin? On the albatross? No, it’s a tiger with a mane of a lion, a snake’s tongue, tail, for some unknown reason knotted marine… Read more Miracles heraldry

The power of gray eminences

The largest structure mondialists – proponents of a one world government. It brings together the most influential people in the United States and other Western countries: current and former presidents, ministers, ambassadors, parliamentarians, financiers, businessmen, generals, professors and members of the media. Since 1945, the headquarters of this organization is located in New York, in… Read more The power of gray eminences