Full moon on Friday the 13th

14 Jun

MoonFull moon this is the moment when the centers of the Sun, Moon and Earth line up on the same line. The full moon happens simultaneously for all points of the globe and is not dependent on whether now visible in the moon or not huge. On Friday 13th June 2014 Full Moon occurs at 08:11Moscow time (UTC +4).

Full Moon over New York Friday June 13, 2014 Moon at the Full Moon on June 13, will be on the East Coast of America.

In this time zone (UTC -4) is already past midnight and come Friday 13th.

Thus, all night in the sky over the entire territory of America,  after the Full Moon will hang. And it will be Friday the 13th – the day by the West is the most unfortunate.

Sunny Day in Moscow at the time of the Full Moon on Friday 13 June 2014 Moscow at this time will be on the back side of the Earth to the Moon.

In Moscow, the moon rose over the horizon for three hours before the full moon, and rise only in the late evening after fourteen hours after the Full Moon.

A day of the full moon is the time of maximum influence of the Moon on the Earth and human nature.

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