Archaeologists have exposed a 4,000 year old tomb

10 Jun

old tombThe Ministry of Antiquities reported that the Spanish team of archaeologists discovered a large tomb of Pharaoh. 

Judging by her look, the tomb was probably built, or to a member of the royal family, or to a senior statesman. Also, the ministry reported that by all indications, the tomb was created about 4,000 years ago and belonged to the leader of the 11th dynasty of Egyptian Luxor.

We were able to decide that the tomb was created for a member of the royal family or senior statesman on the basis of its broad surface – says Minister Mohamed Ibrahim.

Another grave, the creation of which dates from the same period a group of archaeologists has been found in the same area about five years ago. In that instance was also discovered red sarcophagus and well preserved mummy. There has also been found a bow and arrows, which are now exhibits at the Museum of Luxor. 

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