Reveals the secrets of smersh

Recreate the picture of those years the author of this testimony helped the former chief of smersh infantry division, retired colonel afonina. In his time doing work alexey chief of the special department of the stalingrad front, kurskcaptivated german resident, acted in berlin,participated in the capture and abwehr intelligence center, was awarded by the chief… Read more Reveals the secrets of smersh

Descendants Vandal

The Tale of Bygone Years, the first state in Russia arose due vocation Vikings. In this chronicle tells us that people Chud, Slovenes, Krivichi and all turned to strangers, saying: Our land is great and rich, but there is no order. Come and reign over us. The call due to the sea responded three brothers… Read more Descendants Vandal

Filibusters black sea

French engineer, who visited the Cossacks, describes their court-gulls and manner of acting: The boat is built in two weeks. Basis is the willow or linden bark length of 13.7 meters, it was packed from side boards so that it turns the boat 18.3 meters long, 3.0-3.7 meters of the same width and depth. Then… Read more Filibusters black sea

The tale of the wise oleg

Our last story about the rulers of Russia became the founder of the first Russian state Prince Rurik – called the Vikings because of the sea. He died in 879. But as his heir while Igor was still an infant, before the death of the Grand Duke elected successor of his brother Oleg and instructed… Read more The tale of the wise oleg

Feminists iron age

The lives of real women are reflected in the sagas, with all its problems – love, heartache and victories. The fair sex look different there – resourceful and clever, serious and whimsical, vengeful and ambitious – but not empty-headed beauties. In contrast to the lethargic and weak maidens Greek mythology keltki fought, decided the fate… Read more Feminists iron age

Six Secrets of Omsk

Ermakova mane Available from Omsk land near the river Irtysh, Upland, called Ermakova mane or Ermakova Mountain. According to scientists, it is a natural formation. However, the popular rumor gives a different explanation of his appearance. According to an old legend, here, long before the founding of the city, on the high bank of the… Read more Six Secrets of Omsk

Poison Goering

The U.S. Army Private Herbert Lee Stivers. Dear Russian friend, Mr. Zavorotnev! With great difficulty tracked through the American Embassy in Moscow your address to forward this letter of confession. You wrote Herbert Lee Stivers, a former U.S. Army soldier. Remember the autumn of 1946, we Americans and Russian alternately carried guard at the Nuremberg… Read more Poison Goering