What would sense being on Mars it will fire missiles

marsThe mixture of the thin atmosphere of Mars and the lack of oxygen in it reduces the chances of finding life on the planet’s exterior. But scientists have suggested that life on Mars is under the ground – but there is a difficulty, how to penetrate. Project Exolance can solve this problem. Will be launched missiles into the surface of Mars, which are charged probes, and not explosives.

Exolance includes liberation system that was originally developed for military purposes. The mission will use a series of small light assault probes Arrows, which will take over the functions of finding life in underground layers of Mars.

Tie each impact probe is a sensor detecting fritter away products, and at the rear end there is communication equipment – so the investigate will be able to transmit information to an orbiting Mars spacecraft, and he – broadcast to ground. Arrows probes will also be able to drill that will agree to them to reach a depth of five meters.

A enthusiastic team led by Gilbert Levin, who participated in the experiments NASA hopes to start testing the concept in the Mojave Desert at the end of this year. Because the desert has characteristics similar to the conditions of Mars, it will conduct an audit of the concept in an surroundings close to the real.

The first phase of the test is to check the penetrating ability of Arrows, running from the aircraft. The second stage will be carried out experiments to detect life.The team hopes that after victorious testing, a number of upcoming missions to Mars, including the planned expedition 2016 Insight NASA mission and ExoMars assignment in 2018, ESA, and might carry Exolance.

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