What happens in the Ukraine?

10 May

UkraineUkraine should be considered globally, on a global scale, to understand what is happening. Goes collapse of the old world system, which, in essence, is the usual pyramid with vertex in the west. And as usual pyramid system has reached the bottom and it starts to crumble. Thus there is division, there are new centers of power or pyramid that try samosohranitsya under the old model. That certainly threatens the existing system.

That is precisely this problem and solves the old system, the preservation and modernization of the old model. Since the economic levers have become ineffective, the new structure should be tough, with a strong vertical of power, subordination and oppression. That is, the emphasis is on power, control and hard already no democracy and freedom can not be, at least at the lower levels. In fact it is the same pyramid, now just hold power design method. And on each floor there are interested people who live at the expense of the lower floors.

Occur at the local level, the same processes. The case of Ukraine, first states through armed revolution put power in Kiev, but it certainly is not enough to control the entire territory, we need an effective means of control and repression of the population. Because sooner or later people will realize that they have been cheated. Therefore, the alignment of the pyramid begins at the local level. It is now clear that the southeast play the role of the lower floor, resources and cheap labor at the expense of which will reside western and central part and of course not forgetting the supreme master! That is why the western Ukraine and Kiev by force suppress rebellious south-eastern part, which of course do not like the idea of being the lowest floor system, second-class citizens.

Therefore solves the problem with the west to southeastern principally, if not, you do not have the strength to take control, then you need to help attract mercenaries, peacekeepers, PMC, NATO, etc., which of course will defend the interests of the west. What exactly do now and in the south-east, there is the iron logic. That is why Russia exhibited the aggressor, the occupier, and the south-east the separatists to the use of force was justified. In the course are brazen provocation involved the entire western media machine, to fool people. Kiev junta problem with the south-east must be addressed carefully, otherwise it will not turn the pyramid.

But it is important that the new Ukraine on the Western model has no future normal people because power rests on criminal elements. That is why in all the countries where American democracy came (Iraq, Libya, etc.) is not observed stabilization and development, as a pyramid, with a view to monitor the working population and therefore a rate control is on banditry and crime situation allows you to keep people in fear and does not organize itself to sweep away the guards and simultaneously solves the problem of extra mouths to feed. So that I would place the western Ukrainians would strongly not happy, work all guards will not work and it will be full of morons! And improving the lives, reduce crime from Kiev junta should not wait. It is no accident that is happening now, Putin is not stopping them, as it should be, it’s just completely similar situation.

Globally, the states need to destroy the growing Russian center of power, not to create a parallel structure, a competitor, or to make it the lowest floor of a new world system (pyramid). Therefore west builds the same storage pyramid only global level through education controlled structures, such as Ukraine. Therefore, they act at the same time, the only difference is in the scale of interest.

As for Russia, the growing center of power, then it is hard to objectively assess, firstly because I myself live in Russia, but it is necessary to note one important detail. If Russia will build a pyramid system, too, just as a counterweight to the Western model, I think she does not stand a chance a lot. Local elites, the oligarchs realize that against the Western world can not stand, power is not enough, and they do not like to take risks, so be sure to hand over Russia, hoping to get a position in the new pyramid. So, in that case I would not bet on the Russian parallel system.

The only thing that could save Russia in my opinion, is forming a new model of society, aimed at cooperation, both between countries and between citizens within the country. Need to replace domestically pyramidal structure on a new type of system. And you have to offer the world, something different from shtatovskie profitable distribution model, cost-effective alternative. Now turn the foreign policy of our country there has been, this is an accomplished fact, Russia has refused to consider himself the lower floor level. But the economy is not yet clear. Of course, I understand that in this case you can not make any sudden movements. Then as they say, wait and see. But output in actually I do not see another, only to change the model of society!

But to understand what is happening globally it is necessary not to become a puppet on a string, which will pull and use by all and sundry, swinging through the emotions and propaganda or playing on the patriotic feelings.

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