Viewing pornography reduces the volume of the brain in men

pornographyMen watching pornography may face a decrease in brain volume and with reduced sensitivity in response to sexual stimulation. However, it is possible that people watching pornography often initially have characteristic changes in the brain.

Dr. Simone Kuhn of the Max Planck Institute has documented the small size of the corpus striatum of the brain in people watching porn. This part of the brain is included it processes information about the reward and motivate behavior.

The discovery was made after analysis of the brain of 64 healthy men 21-45 years, reports Meddaily . Similar brain volume, his reaction to viewing pornographic images and how often men watching porn. So revealed clear differences in the brains of men who regularly watched porn, and men, to refrain from doing so. The more a man watching porn, the less it was the striatum of the brain.

Plus, the other part of the brain, which is also included in the striatum, includes when viewing sexual stimuli was less activated in active viewing pornography. According to Kuhn, moderate exposure to pornography will not harm the brain. Otherwise, a person can face the fact that his brain will work abnormal manner.

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