The most ancient bird-pollinator

 bird pollinatorGerman paleontologists have discovered the oldest known science bird pollinator. Article authors published in the journal Biology Letters.

We found a small bird about ten centimeters and elongated beak, allowing pollen extract. By the size of the bird is similar to a hummingbird, but is not her relative.

Pumiliornis tessellatus fossils scientists have found on excavations in southern Germany. Bird remains well preserved, and pollen, paleontologists have discovered in the stomach and close to the rear left limb of the animal. Estimated age of discovery is estimated at 47 million years. Prior to this, scientists have found fossils Pumiliornis tessellatus, but the sample remained significantly better than others.

Among modern birds pollination takes some species of parrots, hummingbirds and sparrows, but discovered the animal is the oldest bird pollinator. Scientists find evidence that the relationship between birds and flowering plants began about 50 million years ago.

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