Scholar argues that living in England 15000 vampires

British scientist made a statement, according to which the UK operates an underground network of vampires, numbering 15,000 members and called bloodsuckers emerge from the darkness.

Dr Emyr Williams ( from the University of Glyndwr University immersed himself in the study of vampires, said recently that in Britain there is an underground network of 15,000 bloodsuckers tabloid reports Mirror.

This subculture exists in every country, especially in the West – the scientist. – It is a group of people who drink blood and take the energy of the people, but are guided by clear rules that determine whose blood can be taken, but someone can not touch it. For example, sanguine vampires receive blood from certain parts of the body of voluntary donors and thus they can not take too much. mediums and there are also hybrid vampires that are associated with donors, enthusiasts and role players that are part of the community. This is very interesting and is really .

Williams, convinced that bloodsuckers not crazy or mentally ill, urged vampires emerge from the darkness and tell people about your lifestyle and habits. Moreover, he hoped that the members of this subculture express willingness to participate in an online survey and thus support his research.

We need to explore the vampire to reduce your fear and let them take them as part of society, – said the scientist. – Their psychology is very interesting and I sincerely believe that they are not crazy and dangerous person interested in the gothic culture and cemeteries. we just have different belief systems and for many vampirism is a way of life and a religion. lives in the UK alone 15,000 vampires and 30,000 donors. But it is worth remembering that they are not dangerous.

Dr Williams admitted: Get access to the underground organization bloodsuckers incredibly difficult, but I hope that the study will attract their attention. My previous article, which I wrote about how we went from the old way of terrible sexual vampires sparkling people from Twilight, published in the journal Dracula Studies, has allowed me to earn the respect and trust of the society.

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