Inside cock in Sum gait establish a human origin

Families residing in the village Heritage in Sum gait faced with a phenomenon that shocked all of its members.

And as it turned out not only them. When the hostess eviscerated slaughter rooster she found surrounded by the bird living creature like a human embryo.

Only experts can recognize whether it is human or animal embryo. But in any holder unusual is that the fetus appears in the guts of a rooster. Continue reading “Inside cock in Sum gait establish a human origin”

The material of the future

materialResearchers from the University of California at Riverside found that material of the future graphene promising to revolutionize many areas of technology, is not safe. He can have a devastating impact on human health and the environment.

Graphene – a material with unique properties, many people associate with him the future of the electronics industry. Graphene is stronger than steel, is flexible, has high electrical conductivity, thus consists of only a single layer of carbon atoms. These properties have led to what was perceived as a material basis for a variety of future breakthrough inventions of mankind. Continue reading “The material of the future”

Caves, villas and apartments in Spain

 villas and apartmentsA huge and boundless, limitless selection of all kinds of property, offered for sale in all the Spanish regions that meet the needs of both Bigfoot and those who have forgotten how to walk the earth. There are houses with one or two bedrooms, which cost just 34,000 euros.

Buy an apartment in Spain Housing in Spain is available even for those who have no money to buy and do not have permission to live in Spain because selling real estate companies that have appropriate agreements with banks to offer assistance in obtaining mortgage Russians who are not residents of the country. Continue reading “Caves, villas and apartments in Spain”

Missing Boeing carrying more than two tons of unknown cargo

Malaysian AirlinesOn board Boeing 777-200 Airlines Malaysian Airlines, which was lost in the night of March 8, in addition to the 239 people there were almost eight tons of cargo, found out the British newspaper The Daily Mail.

From the report, which was previously published Malaysian authorities with the preliminary results of the investigation into the disappearance of the aircraft, that on board, there were 5.5 tons of tropical fruits, RIA Novosti reported. Continue reading “Missing Boeing carrying more than two tons of unknown cargo”

Native daughter of Adolf Hitler

Hitler DoughterDo not cease rumors that German Chancellor Angela Merkel – native daughter of Adolf Hitler. She was born from frozen sperm Fuhrer, as well aware of U.S. intelligence agencies. Moreover, they had a hand in order to grow a new Hitler in a skirt.

Gave birth to a sister of Eva Braun

According to data published in the Western press, the idea to make some more children belonged to the famous Hitler in Nazi Germany gynecologist Carl Clauberg, who conducted experiments on artificial breeding of people. Continue reading “Native daughter of Adolf Hitler”

What scared the USS

USSU.S. State Department admitted that the crew of the USS Donald Cook was demoralized after a meeting with Russian Su-24 bombers, which had no on-board bombs and missiles. 27 American sailors wrote a letter of resignation from the Navy.

At anonymous frequency

April 10 in the Black Sea entered the USS Donald Cook. April 12 Russian Sukhoi Su-24 overflew the destroyer. April 14, after the ordinary in general incident – our planes are not very regularly converge with potential enemy ships in international waters – the Pentagon has made a very emotional statement accusing Russia of violating its own traditions and international treaties. Continue reading “What scared the USS”

Nuclear explosion affects the course of time

explosion nuclearToday, it is not disputed that the curved space, closed in gravitational collapse, forms a black hole, which can be enclosed the whole universe. But few know that Sakharov, like Einstein, many of his works devoted to cosmology.

In his work Multisheet model of the universe and some other articles devoted to the properties of curved space, it recognizes that, along with the observable universe there are many others.

The idea of parallel worlds nowadays widely recognized. And you can get there, punctures space powerful energy punch that probably happened to Elridzhem. But such punctures space-time continuum can occur not only as a result of exposure to electromagnetic and gravitational fields. Often these phenomena occur during nuclear explosions. Continue reading “Nuclear explosion affects the course of time”

Magical laws of Atlantis

Extremes AtlanticWhat we now call the laws of magic – the seven principles used by the Atlantes in their practical life.

1. Principle of Mentalism:

Having understood the principle, it is possible to get an idea about the cause of the creation of man. He tool, which is used by God for the materialization of the universe in his mind. It follows that man – God’s own universe. That man – maternity body creation of life. Finding the flesh, many people forget that it is your thoughts, they create reality. People suffering from the consequences of their own mercantile thoughts. Continue reading “Magical laws of Atlantis”

Mary Toft – the woman who gave birth to rabbits

rabbits momAn English town of Surrey in 1726 were at the center of disputes hardball, after allegedly gave birth to rabbits.

In October 1726 to London began to reach strange rumors. Then, November 19, 1726 in the weekly Mist’s Weekly Journal published an amazing and most importantly proven news:

The poor woman gave birth to a rabbit, who died in 4 days.Poor woman was Mary Toft, 24 or 25 years old – an uneducated servant, who lived with her husband in Godalming – tailor assistant and three children. Continue reading “Mary Toft – the woman who gave birth to rabbits”