Scientists are studying the activity of the super in the U.S.

the U.SThe last known eruption of Yellowstone super volcano occurred 600,000 years ago, and it is the frequency of eruptions 600,000 years can be traced to the geological history of the North American continent. However, experts and volcanologists do not believe that the migration of bison in Yellowstone National Park and frequent earthquakes are harbingers of a new giant eruption (2.1 million years ago, the Yellowstone volcano ash fell asleep a quarter of the U.S. Continue reading “Scientists are studying the activity of the super in the U.S.”

Saturday night spilled over the Earth meteor rain

meteor rainOn Saturday night spilled over the Earth meteor rain. Scientists predict it will become the most powerful for the whole year. Meteor shower called Camelopardalid can watch and Kuzbass. The smaller clouds on the horizon is, the brighter will seem heavenly bodies. Per hour can be observed up to 200 falling meteorites.

The main heroine of the submission will be heavenly comet 209P/LINEAR. It was opened about 10 years ago, thanks to a ground robotic telescope LINEAR. Continue reading “Saturday night spilled over the Earth meteor rain”

Scientists have created a flying saucer to fly to Mars

NASA saucerTest flying saucer, which experts call blown inflatable retarder supersonic speed will be held in early June at the U.S. Air Force missile test site on the island of Kauai in the Hawaiian archipelago composed. The experiment will be carried out in the stratosphere.

In the future, the designer view, the device will attach to the base of the spacecraft – this will ensure their braking tenuous Martian atmosphere and a soft landing on the surface of the Red Planet. Continue reading “Scientists have created a flying saucer to fly to Mars”

2014 could be the hottest in history

Hottest SummarThe experts meteorologists from Giessen University, studying the dynamics of the natural phenomenon – seasonal warm surface currents in the Pacific Ocean that appears every few years off the coast of South America and significantly contribute to climate change, not only in the region but also around the globe.

According to materials published in the magazine New Scientist, the summer of this year could be a record hot – blame overall increase in temperature of the Pacific Ocean. Continue reading “2014 could be the hottest in history”

Archaeologists have discovered progenitor tablet computers

 tablet computersA group of Turkish archaeologists engaged in excavations near the Bosphorus Strait and found incomprehensible wooden object age about 1,200 years. After careful study it, scientists have concluded that this wooden box is the equivalent of modern tablet PCs.

Discovery portal published an article about the amazing discovery of Turkish archaeologists, as well as a snapshot of the detected devices. Byzantine gadget, as it is jokingly dubbed journalists is both a notebook and a useful tool. Continue reading “Archaeologists have discovered progenitor tablet computers”

Why might a headache?

headache whyWhen a headache, many err on the changeable weather. But in fact, the pressure drops and the temperature here at anything. The head can hurt because of hunger, heat, or even a bad mood. And the pain in such cases powerless. Fortunately, you can still help yourself.

1. Hunger
Our brain requires a continuous glucose. As soon as he feels that he lacks sugar, immediately takes the body a signal about the famine. However, sometimes the signal is not expressed directly. Sometimes a person does not feel the hunger, and the brain hungry and expresses his desire through the headache. Particularly common symptoms encountered in losing weight. Continue reading “Why might a headache?”

Three year old boy remembered his past life

past lifeThree year old boy from the Golan in the border area between Israel and Syria said that he was killed with an ax in his previous life. He showed where the killer hid the body and there really found a human skeleton.

He also showed where the murder weapon is hidden. At this point, excavated and found an ax. boy belonged to an ethnic group of friends in this culture the existence of reincarnation is accepted as fact. But in today’s society is perceived as a myth. Continue reading “Three year old boy remembered his past life”

Scientists discover the pulse of the Virgin Mary on ancient canvas

 MaryCelebrated 85 years since, as the image of the Virgin, who is about 500 years in Mexico in the specially built for her basilica, revealed his main and still unsolved mystery.

Interest to the Virgin of Guadalupe – a kind of icon that appeared nearly 500 years ago on the canvas, woven of coarse fibers cactus recently stirred the internet. Spread information through the network, as if the icon investigated NASA specialists. And found that the temperature of it – human – 36.6 degrees. The most important: dark women depicted on the canvas with a pulse – 115 beats per minute. And her eyes react to light – narrow, if they shine a flashlight in the dark and expanded. Continue reading “Scientists discover the pulse of the Virgin Mary on ancient canvas”

Goals and means of secret CIA operations

CIA operationsArsenal of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), United States, formed since its inception in 1947, is extensive. But whether they applied in practice?

Plans to eliminate Fidel Castro

In the spring of 1960 a CIA officer Tracy Barnes dined with Ian Fleming, a former double agent and the author of novels about scout James Bond. The subject of their conversation was leisurely exercise equipment kills. At that time, Tracy had a special assignment from the CIA director Allen Dulles: develop a plan for the elimination of Fidel Castro’s communist dictator of Cuba. Continue reading “Goals and means of secret CIA operations”

Roscomnadzor set to block Twitter and Facebook tomorrow

block Twitter and FacebookSecurity device microblogging service Twitter in Russia becomes almost inevitable. This declaration was made in an interview with the deputy head Roskomnadzora Maxim Ksenzov. According to him, the Twitter has consistently refused to comply with authorities regarding inappropriate satisfied.

According to him, Twitter, unlike Facebook and Youtube, in the majority cases, flatly refuses to take away illegal information on the request of the Russian authorities. However, as noted Ksenzov lot extremist content distributed just in this social network. Continue reading “Roscomnadzor set to block Twitter and Facebook tomorrow”