Neighboring galaxy Seen cosmic explosion

29 May

 explosionStaff NASA Swift space observatory reported a powerful explosion, which occurred May 28, 2014 in the neighboring Andromeda galaxy at 01:21 Moscow time. This explosion is known as gamma-ray burst is one of the most powerful electromagnetic events in the Universe.

The exact cause of these phenomena is unknown, but it is believed that gamma-ray burst occurs when two neutron stars collide. This dead core of stars with a mass as our sun, enclosed with a size of a small town. When they collide, explosion is so powerful that it can be seen throughout the universe.
Alan Duffy Doctor of Astronomy Swinburne University of Technology, argues that in fact the gamma-ray bursts are so powerful that they proizoydi in our galaxy, they would have led to the death of all life on Earth.

Telescopes around the world are currently focused on the Andromeda Galaxy, watching the incoming light to learn more about this event, – he said. – The fact that the explosion was so close, only 2.5 million light-years from Earth, gives hope that terrestrial neutrino observatory can fix the afterglow of the event, which could be, for example, the merger of two neutron stars. The explosion also likely formed gravitational waves predicted by general relativity. Unfortunately, the world’s largest gravitational wave detector Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory is currently closed for renovations and could not fix the waves coming from this source.

Scientists say that they re-analyzed data from Swift and concluded that the outbreak could have been mistaken for a gamma-ray burst. Most likely, the astronomers observed the glow of globular cluster that is already in the catalogs. But we need some more time to sort out the issue.


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