Native daughter of Adolf Hitler

02 May

Hitler DoughterDo not cease rumors that German Chancellor Angela Merkel – native daughter of Adolf Hitler. She was born from frozen sperm Fuhrer, as well aware of U.S. intelligence agencies. Moreover, they had a hand in order to grow a new Hitler in a skirt.

Gave birth to a sister of Eva Braun

According to data published in the Western press, the idea to make some more children belonged to the famous Hitler in Nazi Germany gynecologist Carl Clauberg, who conducted experiments on artificial breeding of people. He froze the sperm of Hitler, which is then used by the CIA. In this case the mother of the future offspring of the main Nazi they chose Margaret (Gretl) Fegelein – younger sister of Eva Braun, long-term mistress and wife of Adolf short. Semen was thawed, transferred into the uterus Gretl, and 9 months, April 20 (and not 17 July as stated in official documents) in 1954, was born Angela Merkel, who gave up for adoption adoptive parents.

Grew up under the tutelage of the Vatican

Journalists argue that Hitler’s daughter from birth took under his wing Vatican agreeing this with the United States and that is why Merkel has adopted a family pastor.

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