Missing Boeing carrying more than two tons of unknown cargo

04 May

Malaysian AirlinesOn board Boeing 777-200 Airlines Malaysian Airlines, which was lost in the night of March 8, in addition to the 239 people there were almost eight tons of cargo, found out the British newspaper The Daily Mail.

From the report, which was previously published Malaysian authorities with the preliminary results of the investigation into the disappearance of the aircraft, that on board, there were 5.5 tons of tropical fruits, RIA Novosti reported.

The airline told reporters March 24 that on board was also “a separate cargo” weighing 2,453 tons, 200 kg of which were lithium batteries. What were the other 2,253 tons remained a mystery. The company referred to the fact that it is forbidden to disclose any information until the investigation.

Only journalists explained that the rest of the goods were accessories for radio equipment and battery chargers.

How do I find journalists of the British edition, according to the transportation documents, in addition to fruits, the plane was carrying 133 units of one weighing 1.99 tons of cargo and 67 units of other cargo weighing 463 kg. Thus, it is unclear where is the 200 kg of lithium batteries, which are said by the airline.

It also reported that 20 of the passengers were employees of one company – Freescale Semiconductor, the former “daughter” of the famous telecommunication corporation Motorola. This company specializes in the production of semiconductor equipment, including components for defense equipment and navigation systems.

Recall airliner, flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, disappeared March 8, 2014. On board were 227 passengers and 12 crew members. For some unknown reason the aircraft was sold by the original course: the last signal from it was derived from the Indian Ocean region.

In late March, the company management Malaysia Airlines stated that none of the passengers missing Boeing 777 survived, relatives of the victims were offered monetary compensation. Family members demanded that the airlines and the Government of Malaysia to provide correct information to them about the fate of the aircraft.

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