Coffee makes people happier

CoffeeCoffee improves mood and helps to maintain a positive attitude. This was proved by an experiment with 66 elderly people, conducted by German scientists from the Ruhr University.

During the experiment the volunteers were divided into two groups. People in the first group every day for half an hour before the test was given a portion of caffeine equal to two cups of coffee, and their colleagues in the second group received placebo, as they did not know, thinking that drinking coffee.

Next, all participants were asked to choose from the lists with specially chosen words positive options. They also had to pass the visual tests. In the end it turned out that they consume caffeine 7% better cope with the task. In addition, they felt much happier compared to the second group of volunteers.

According to scientists, caffeine affects the areas of the brain responsible for positive emotions. Moreover, in small doses, increases the rate of coffee Behavioral and thinking.

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