Bermuda Triangle-Mysterious Places on Earth

Mysterious PlaceThe Bermuda Triangle is one of the most dangerous and mysterious places on Earth. Scientists say that in this area there is a very high level of radiation.

Recently, European researchers have made a statement that is calculated to unravel the secret of this place, located off the coast of Brazil, a few hundred kilometers. To do this, the scientists plan to send a satellite into space, which will be regularly fly over the area to carry out various anomalies and measurement. Previously, experts have found that this area is the point where the Van Allen radiation belts – rings of charged particles surrounding the Earth closest to the planet’s surface.

Zones were discovered back in the 1950s, after which the scientists have come to believe that it may be of some risk. Later, fly a shuttle astronauts complained that while flying through the anomalous zone they sometimes broke down laptops. Then it was decided during the passage of the dangerous area of some spacecraft such as the Hubble Telescope, programmed to shut down to avoid damage to the electronics.

In addition, the International Space Station also provides additional shielding to avoid possible accidents. It is known that while in the Bermuda Triangle, where very often the phenomenon of so-called shooting stars, also feel bad astronauts. D as a cause of early failures Networks Globalstar satellite launches, scientists call passing over South Atlantic anomaly.

Not so long ago one of the Italian experts from the Institute of Astrophysics Ricardo Campana analyzed data on the level of radiation received from the satellite monitoring of X-ray called BeppoSAX. The device scans produced from 1996 to 2003. Scientists have discovered that in the lower layer anomalies radiation level is much lower than in the upper. Researcher also noted that dangerous area moves slowly to the west.

Currently, scientists are developing a telescope that will make observations in the lower part of the anomaly, which to date has been little studied. As stated by the researchers themselves, nowadays most models of radiation, which are accounted for in the planning of space flight, calculated on the basis of extrapolation of the high-latitude observations. However, the study of anomalies in Earth orbit will allow it to fix that in the future is important for astrophysical satellites.

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