Scholar argues that living in England 15000 vampires

British scientist made a statement, according to which the UK operates an underground network of vampires, numbering 15,000 members and called bloodsuckers emerge from the darkness. Dr Emyr Williams ( from the University of Glyndwr University immersed himself in the study of vampires, said recently that in Britain there is an underground network of 15,000… Read more Scholar argues that living in England 15000 vampires

Viewing pornography reduces the volume of the brain in men

Men watching pornography may face a decrease in brain volume and with reduced sensitivity in response to sexual stimulation. However, it is possible that people watching pornography often initially have characteristic changes in the brain. Dr. Simone Kuhn of the Max Planck Institute has documented the small size of the corpus striatum of the brain… Read more Viewing pornography reduces the volume of the brain in men

Coffee makes people happier

Coffee improves mood and helps to maintain a positive attitude. This was proved by an experiment with 66 elderly people, conducted by German scientists from the Ruhr University. During the experiment the volunteers were divided into two groups. People in the first group every day for half an hour before the test was given a… Read more Coffee makes people happier

In Skype appears explanation

Microsoft Corporation develops on the root of its service Skype function translation of speech in real time. This was announced by CEO Satya Nadella, said in an official blog Microsoft.  The function was called Translator Skype and will be available to users in beta on Windows 8 by the end of 2014.

Ten of the best technologies of the year

Technology news are full of important events, but few of them represent real breakthroughs. The best university in the world in 2014, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, regularly gives to the surface incredible discovery and development, presented his top ten breakthrough technologies of the present time. According to the authors, this breakthroughs that will make a… Read more Ten of the best technologies of the year

Nibiru visible from Earth

Mythological sources that Nibiru wandering planet that is in the solar system. Nibiru appears between the planets Mars and Jupiter every Z600 years and moves on an elongated orbit. When approaching the Earth and its inhabitants – Annunaki descended to Earth and in contact with the inhabitants of our planet. Nibiru and Planet Phaeton are… Read more Nibiru visible from Earth