Yellowstone – Chronology increase of activity

07 Apr

Yellowstone ChronologyAlarming trends occur in super volcano located under Yellowstone National Park. Events that have been seen on dnyax observed shortly before the eruption of other volcanoes. Here is the history of news which mentioned the increased activity of this super volcano.

2002-2003 year. Yellowstone geysers are new that attracts new visitors to the park and additional revenue administration. But the joy was short-lived.

2004. Federal authorities restrict visits to the park, enhance its security, and some areas of the park were declared closed to all tourists.
2007. U.S. President created the Scientific Council with broad emergency powers. Along with leading geophysicists and seismologists in the Council included the Minister of Defense, Director of the NSA, CIA, FBI. And also the chairman of the National Security Council!

2009. Geologist Christopher Sanders wrote the following

“I advise all state governments around Yellowstone National Park to declare an emergency. Over the last week the U.S. Geological Survey has recorded more than 252 earthquakes. We have a 3D model that shows the rise of magma to the surface. We are seeing signs of the awakening of the supervolcano. I encourage everyone to leave Yellowstone National Park and the area within 200 miles from the caldera. ”

2010. Official science recognizes that the volcano can really explode, but not now, but in the years 2074-2075.

2011. Scientists revise its forecast. Now eruption predicted already in 2012-2016.

Late 2013 – early 2014. Enhanced seismic activity, bison leave the area of the National Park. Then come back.

December 12, 2013. British American scientists have found that the size of the tank with the magma is much larger than previously thought, refined sizes -80 km long and 20 km wide.

March 30, 2014 recorded the strongest earthquake in years 4.8 on the Richter scale. Also, it is to this day the intensity of earthquakes comes to maximum 42 tremors. Depth of the epicenter of the 1.7 to 6km. The same day, the temperature begins to rise sharply in the Lake Yellowstone Lake, as much as 18 degrees Celsius. Bison and deer, as well as other animals leaving the area of the National Park. Official representatives explain this seasonal migration in search of food.

March 31 Yellowstone Park statistics system captures 13 more small aftershocks and some thermometers record temperatures rise close to the surface, after which the system is disconnected from the online mode and also from online lost all temperature sensors.

In the night between April 1 and 2, the sensor located in the center of the crater of the volcano captures a burst of activity and another strong earthquake lasting more than 20 minutes, and his record all the other sensors scattered across the vast territory of the park.

In the descriptions of impending catastrophe volcanologists say the eruption will destroy 80% of all life on Earth, North America will sink, and the remaining people have to survive “underground.” Volcanic ash is the most dangerous phenomenon in the eruption. Ash particles are so small that they do not protect from any gauze bandages or respirators. Getting into the mouth and lungs, ash mixed with saliva and mucus hardens and turns into cement.

Greatest risk may be subject to the territories thousands of miles away from the volcano. When a layer of volcanic ash reaches a thickness of 15 centimeters, the load on the roof is too big and the building will crumble. It is estimated that between one and fifty people in each house will perish or be seriously injured. This will be the main cause of death in pyroclastic surges bypassed areas around Yellowstone, where the ash layer is not less than 60 centimeters. It is noteworthy that the dead zone ashfall is almost entirely to the United States only slightly touching Canada and Mexico and completely covering the Great Plains.

A few days before the explosion, the earth’s crust over the supervolcano will rise by several meters. At the same time the soil warms up to 60-70 degrees. In the atmosphere dramatically increase the concentration of hydrogen sulfide and helium. The first thing they see Americans – the volcanic ash cloud, which rises in the atmosphere to a height of 40-50 kilometers. Huge masses of rock toss to a great height. Falling, they will lay a huge territory. In the early hours of the new eruption in Yellowstone destruction will be subjected to an area of a radius of 1000 kilometers around the epicenter. Here in immediate danger residents are almost all American Northwest (Seattle) and parts of Canada (Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton).

In an area of 10,000 square kilometers will rage Glow mud flows, so-called pyroclastic surge – the deadliest eruption product. They arise when the pressure spurting lava high into the atmosphere will weaken and fall on a part of a neighborhood post a huge avalanche, burning everything in its path. In pyroclastic flows on such a scale would be impossible to survive. At temperatures above 400 degrees human body simply cooked, the flesh separates from the bone. Hot manure will kill about 200,000 people in the first minutes after the start of the eruption.

Consequences for the world economy of the eruption is hard to imagine. Of the world market will be removed largest consumer of manufactured goods and raw materials, as well as the largest exporter of agricultural products and banking speculative capital. This automatically puts an end to the economy of the Asian giants China and India – they have no one to sell their industrial products and nowhere will buy grain and food for its billion citizens. This will double and the most terrible blow – the destruction of one of the world’s granaries, together with the sharp deterioration of the climate and ecology make the remaining food exporters, especially Russia, South America and Australia dramatically reduce or ban the export of grain and food.

Countries will have to enclose the survivors and the millions of refugees fleeing starvation and wars in their countries. World falls apart into blocks of – Eurasia and Oceania Ostaziya, only instead of North America, which will be the second for humanity Antarctica, Oceania will be limited to South America and Australia. Sole remaining superpower will be Russia and China.

On the territory of the former U.S. suitable for existence is likely to remain only a small strip between the Atlantic Ocean and the Appalachian Mountains, the territory of the first 13-state USA founding plus Florida. Mississippi again, as in the 19th century will be the frontier – the boundary between life and death. The area between the Mississippi and the Appalachians would be a “gray zone” – that there will be difficult to imagine. Definitely there will be lost up to half of all living things. Will the government keep the situation there from anarchy unknown. The second most affected region after North America, Europe and is South Asia.

Such exemplary Yellowstone supervolcano eruption effects. What will be the reality in fact, we learn only directly from the Mr. Yellowstone, which is already preparing to surprise us with a visit.

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