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22 Apr

famous peoplePeople are born, work and … disappear. Unsolved disappearances of famous people – one of the most mysterious pages of world history. Inventor’s children tycoons, politicians and pilots – disappeared, giving rise to his disappearance trail versions and guesswork.


Michael was not a golden boy of his father – the richest citizen of America Nelson Rokfellera. On unlearn the university, served in the army – all as humans. And then, while his father was busy with politics ,went on an expedition to New Guinea.

Place, I must say quite exotic. Descendants of billionaires get here often. Michael met with the tribes location willingly changed their ritual and household artifacts shiny rattles brought Michael.

But to take samples of the same type, Michael, of course, did not want to. He wanted the most rare and therefore expensive and better. Those valuable artifacts, which dreamed Rockefeller, Jr., was in the lost tribe astmatov…

Before you go on your last journey Michael Rockefeller even went to the shaman. He told Michael that he sees death mask on his face. It is not known what Michael thought, but maybe something like “I go to a tribe of cannibals – they have a death cult – they become my mask.”

Served as a grim augury and resentment locals about congestion catamaran. They warned Michael about possible trouble. Michael did not listen – and set sail.

It ended almost fatally. Raft overturned, and people barely made it to shore. I must say that these places are well known for their man-eating crocodiles, so Michael was lucky colleagues. Michael himself has disappeared.

It is still not established the official version of the reasons for the disappearance of a wealthy heir of the world. It is believed, however, that it ate cannibals asthmatic to which he walked for artifacts.

If so, it can be perceived as a last tribute – New Guinea cannibals eat man of great respect for him.

2. Raoul Wallenberg

This man in 2012 was awarded the Gold Medal of the U.S. Congress; he is an honorary citizen of Australia, USA, Canada, Hungary and Israel. He is one of the most famous Swedes. His name is called the city and streets. Raoul Wallenberg was born on August 4, 1914, two years before the First World War. During the Second World Raoul Wallenberg famously rescued from 20,000 to 100,000 Jews, taking them under his diplomatic custody. When this man died, nobody knows. After he was arrested by the Soviet counterintelligence January 13, 1945, his fate – the dark forest.

Raoul Wallenberg is still a controversial figure. In the literal and figurative sense. Still under the jurisdiction of the U.S. and Sweden in Moscow sent the commission, but to get something from the archives of the FSB (former KGB) is impossible. Probably Wallenberg and is destined to go down in history as a bargaining political coin.

Incidentally, one of the versions of the arrest Raoul Wallenberg is a version of Edvard Radzinsky, who claimed that Wallenberg had to take, so it does not become a radical figure outlines Heinrich Mueller exchange of captive Jews in suitable conditions of captivity by Soviet troops.

There are other versions. One, Raoul Wallenberg in exchange for the Jews of Germany supplied weapons; on the other – under the guise of Jews he sent into other countries of German spies; on the third – he was an American spy, related with the Zionist center; Finally – Wallenberg disguised as Jews sent to America for scientists nuclear program. In general, Wallenberg – a very controversial figure.

A copy of his case was transferred in 2007 Chief Rabbi of Russia Ben Lazar, it will be in the Museum of Tolerance, but the date of his death is still not officially recognized. History of how bad advice arrested good Wallenberg will continue to soar on the context of international negotiations.

3. Sigismund Levanevskogo

In 1937, at a meeting with Stalin pilot hero Sigismund Levanevsky stood up and said: Comrade Stalin, I want to make a statement Statement?  – Stalin asked.  I want to state for the record that I do not believe Tupolev considers him a threat. Am convinced that he deliberately makes sabotage planes that are denied the most crucial moment. On Tupolev more machines I will not fly!”. Refused to domestic producers and set him in jeopardy. Tupolev sat opposite. He became ill.

This scene is described in the memoirs of other pilot-hero – Baydukova became the factor that put transarctic scheduled flight in jeopardy.

Decided to fly on an airplane pilot DB-1. The next day after the start Levanevsky radioed reported right engine failure and bad weather. More on the radio he did not come. And more, neither he nor the plane has not been seen.

There are different versions of what happened, but none of them have not found any confirmation. Plane search area stretched from Yakutia to Alaska. Last year, the RGS expedition found some debris on the Yamal Peninsula, but again – the official recognition of the fact that it was a plane just Levanevskogo unavailable.

4. Vladimir Alexandrov

Vladimir Alexandrov was a talented man, in science and in life. He spoke English with a Texas accent favorite Americans and was the soul of the company. In trips abroad he did not live in hotels, and at their foreign friends. Appreciated for his extraordinary charisma and openness. Must have this openness and caused his disappearance in 1985.

Alexandrov was a theorist of “nuclear winter.” In 1983 he and a group of scientists presented the report, which proved conclusively that even the use of nuclear weapons 30% put life on Earth under threat, and the planet will not be able to return to its previous state, its biota is a devastating blow.

In 1985, Vladimir Alexandra took part in a conference in Spain. Before returning to Moscow, he decided to walk, walked out of the hotel and disappeared. Never to be seen again. Obviously, intelligence services worked. It is still unclear who – the CIA or KGB.

5. LOUIS Leprince

We all know that the first movie was filmed Lumiere brothers, but it is not. The first film, however, with the timing of just over two seconds in London took a French inventor Louis Leprince. Film titled The scene in the garden Raundhey. He left behind seven years  Before the official birth of cinema.

Louis Leprince saw his main rival priority American inventions of Thomas Edison. And if Leprince was forced to intermeddle in debt for further work, Edison loans fell like confetti. However, Leprince Edison overtaken.

Before his disappearance Frenchman went to America, where he planned to find funding and obviously found. Immediately on his return from the States, he went to stay with relatives in dozens of individuals, and then planned to go to Paris, take a train to London and to patent his invention. In dozens of individuals, he sat down on the Paris train and … disappeared.

Versions of extinction, as usual, give different from competitors conspiracy (with Leprince lost and equipment) to the point that Leprince arranged mystification of his disappearance, since its development stalled, and pay its debts was necessary.

This story would not be complete without one more interesting fact. In 1902, Alphonse, the eldest son Lepresa, arrived in New York to meet with Edison. The next day he was shot dead in a hotel room. The room door was locked from the inside, but an arm beside the body was never found.

6. Rudolf Diesel

The financial crisis in 1913 finally ruined inventor Rudolf Diesel, but he still had hopes for the welfare of themselves and their families. September 29, 1913, Rudolf Diesel sat in Antwerp steamer “Dresden” and went to London – to open its new plant. Never to be seen again.

Disappearance of several versions. One, Rudolf Diesel fell off the ship during a heart attack. Body like him man caught on September 30, but during the storm threw him like Jonah, after removing the two rings. These rings were identified children Diesel; however unequivocal recognition that drowned was fished Diesel havent until now.

There are a couple of reasons. First, family Diesel somehow managed to establish a financial issue. Ostensibly, they sold patents disappeared head of the family. However, whether all that okay with patents, why he did not sell their diesel to save his family from starvation? The diesel engine was no longer a court of the century. His skillfully copied and knew his device.

Secondly, in the case of mass extinction were surveyed witnesses competent but only three of them: two friends Diesel and steward. All are united in their testimony, but friends of Rudolph could just follow a pre-harvested legend, a steward was simply bribed.

The night before the disappearance of Rudolf Diesel was closed in his cabin, finished preparing for bed (spread pajamas and hung beside the bed wound watches). His hat and cloak found on the deck. Disappearance as if purposely was beautifully furnished. Too close to the truth, to believe in it.

It is also noteworthy that the passenger lists steamer named Diesel was not, and found out on the ship hings Rudolf Diesel no object, which would belong to him with 100% certainty. No wallet, no passport, no notebook, no drawings.

All seems to be saying that the inventor of the ship and did not come, and all the witnesses, including children, Diesel, might be interested in concealing the truth.

7. Harald HOLD

Disappear and politics. In 1967 he went to swim in the ocean and did not return, Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt. It was unprecedented, even logged in Australian folklore. Still spoken in Australia slelat Harold Holt, which means to disappear, abyss under mysterious circumstances.

Version disappearance, none of which have not been proved, the following: 1) Harold Holt was kidnapped by the Chinese submarine as spying on China; 2) Harold Holt has eliminated the CIA, as he lobbied the conclusion of Australian troops in Vietnam; 3) Harold Holt joyous fled on a tropical island with his young mistress.

As you can see, one other version beautiful. Reliable evidence of what happened in the Gulf of Melbourne December 19, 1967 is still there.


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