The oldest Jesus image found in Egyptian tomb

image of JesusSpanish archaeologists have found what may be one of the earliest images of Jesus Christ. A mysterious figure has been found on the walls of Egyptian tombs. Catalan group of archaeologists found a chain burial in the ancient city Oksirinhe today El Bahnasa, historic town about Egypt.

In one of the graves, decorated with numerous images, is, according to archaeologists, and one of the earliest depictions of Christ. Expedition leader Josep Padro called the discovery exclusive .

This may be the earliest image of Jesus Christ ever found, – says Padro.

It is believed that in the tombs dating from VI-VII centuries, buried a writer and family priests. Currently mysterious image is well protected, and experts are trying to decipher the inscriptions surrounding. Researchers hope to find indications that will give archaeological find even greater value.

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