Top famous people missing

People are born, work and … disappear. Unsolved disappearances of famous people – one of the most mysterious pages of world history. Inventor’s children tycoons, politicians and pilots – disappeared, giving rise to his disappearance trail versions and guesswork.  1. MICHAEL ROCKEFELLER Michael was not a golden boy of his father – the richest citizen… Read more Top famous people missing

Tocsin climate change

Involuntarily reflect on metaphor. Traditionally, people notify each other of impending threat by using an alarm bell. Today nature warns us about the threat with small bells. It’s about the beautiful blue flowers, blooming in spring. In the UK, there are organizations of volunteers who annually observe flowering bluebells. Long-term observations revealed that start flowering… Read more Tocsin climate change

Appeared bloody cloud

Eerie natural phenomenon observed villagers Ananjevo Issyk-Kul region. About unusual cloud of blood-red color resident told Love Potapov. It was just sunset, the beginning of the ninth night, and although we usually clouds pass over the mountains, here is a cloud went directly to Ananjevo. This was an amazing sight! Above the lake, the sky… Read more Appeared bloody cloud

Diamonds come from the bottom of an ancient ocean?

Geology professor Dan Schulze  calls this extraordinary jewel of the remote region Guaniamo  Venezuela diamond Picasso, writes Mark Whitten Glowing blue diamond with high resolution, which was formed billions of years ago, reminds him some pictures of Blue Period of Picasso. As Cubist masterpiece, his startling special and unusual properties are not amenable to a… Read more Diamonds come from the bottom of an ancient ocean?