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The annular solar eclipse will be held April 29

 solar eclipseApril 29, during a solar eclipse in some remote parts of the world the sun will look like a ring of fire. Lunar eclipses occur only during a full moon and the sun, only during a new moon. Usually lunar eclipse means that just before or just after the new moon it will be a solar eclipse.

Solar eclipse, which is expected on Tuesday, will be circular, because on Tuesday the Moon is almost at the great distance from the Earth will be too small to completely cover the Sun. Read the rest of this entry »

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Top famous people missing

famous peoplePeople are born, work and … disappear. Unsolved disappearances of famous people – one of the most mysterious pages of world history. Inventor’s children tycoons, politicians and pilots – disappeared, giving rise to his disappearance trail versions and guesswork.


Michael was not a golden boy of his father – the richest citizen of America Nelson Rokfellera. On unlearn the university, served in the army – all as humans. And then, while his father was busy with politics ,went on an expedition to New Guinea. Read the rest of this entry »

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The world teeters on the brink of destruction of everything at any time

destruction brinkUltra-precise measurement of the top quark mass revived the old question: why is it so big? Alas, the answer is, in fact, no, but in the meantime we ask ourselves this: what are the consequences that the top quark is so heavy?

Mass of the top quark is 173,1 ± 1,3 GeV / c ². In other words, it weighs almost as a nucleus of an atom of a heavy element – for example, rhenium. It has always been a serious theoretical problem: for an elementary particle is a lot, so that in any frame does not fit, and if this is the top quark existed not sextillion of a second, and longer, he would poison our lives to such an extent that no life could and did not appear. However, the current relatively stable existence cannot be endless … Read the rest of this entry »

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Signs that you are empathy

empathyEmpathy – is the one who feels the emotions and feelings of others. It’s not when you think you can feel other people and when you think you can feel the other based on psychology.

Empathy – a person who is born with the ability to see the aura of others and to experience feelings of others as their own. Most of the time it happens on an unconscious level. Empathy knows what it means to be a different person. Empathy – it’s a great gift if you know how to use it. But until then, until you learn to manage and control it, you will be like a sponge to absorb emotions and experience them as their own uncontrolled. Read the rest of this entry »

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Tocsin climate change

Nature changeInvoluntarily reflect on metaphor. Traditionally, people notify each other of impending threat by using an alarm bell. Today nature warns us about the threat with small bells. It’s about the beautiful blue flowers, blooming in spring.

In the UK, there are organizations of volunteers who annually observe flowering bluebells. Long-term observations revealed that start flowering season falls at the beginning of May. However, as the climate warms, this event occurs earlier and earlier. Read the rest of this entry »

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Appeared bloody cloud

Red CloudEerie natural phenomenon observed villagers Ananjevo Issyk-Kul region. About unusual cloud of blood-red color resident told Love Potapov. It was just sunset, the beginning of the ninth night, and although we usually clouds pass over the mountains, here is a cloud went directly to Ananjevo.

This was an amazing sight! Above the lake, the sky is clear over the mountains, and this red cloud tongue moves towards Karakol- said eyewitness. Read the rest of this entry »

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We are waiting for rampant chip?

human chipVery soon the  expect the issuance of universal electronic identity cards, which will replace the passport at the same time, medical insurance, pension card, bank card and other documents. Conspiracy theorists argue that it is the first step to total control over the people. The next step will be the introduction into the human body computer chips.

Think fantasy?
Some time ago, a single organization offered when searching for missing children and adolescents use a special database that will help identify missing and locate them. It turned out that behind this American Masons. Read the rest of this entry »

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Found strange insects In Brazil

insectsInternational group of Japanese, Swiss and Brazilian biologists discovered in caves on the states of Minas Gerais, Brazil, Tocantins and Bahia four previously unknown species of winged insects the size of a flea, with a fairly unusual views on sexual life.

These insects belong to a large group senoedov. Creatures new kind Neotrogla, as it turned out, literally switched roles: the female has a penis, and males – vagina. Read the rest of this entry »

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Way to God in the Indian

Indian SaduWhat it is – keep your finger up or stand on one foot for several years in a row, while voluntarily condemn himself to complete poverty and constant pilgrimage? Ask any sadhu – he will tell you. Unless, of course, did not give a ten-year vow of silence.

This strange, strange India

Imagine a man before. He is quite old, it withered body, long matted hair, sometimes passing into the same long beard. Facial and body – a thick layer of colorful makeup and clothes – only iron pants. Who is this? The patient, who escaped from a psychiatric hospital? Rock star at a concert? Read the rest of this entry »

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Diamonds come from the bottom of an ancient ocean?

DiamondsGeology professor Dan Schulze  calls this extraordinary jewel of the remote region Guaniamo  Venezuela diamond Picasso, writes Mark Whitten

Glowing blue diamond with high resolution, which was formed billions of years ago, reminds him some pictures of Blue Period of Picasso. As Cubist masterpiece, his startling special and unusual properties are not amenable to a time secrets and offer new perspectives on life and the early history of the Earth. Read the rest of this entry »

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