Mark Twain- in search of a miracle

28 Apr

TwainAll of us in childhood avidly read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain … Meanwhile, the life of this writer has been associated with the mysterious and enigmatic events that forced him not only to believe in the paranormal field, but also to do her research.

Samuel Langhorne life began Clemens quite ordinary. The future writer was born November 30, 1835 in the small town of Florida U.S. state of Missouri. Subsequently Clemens family moved to another town in the same state – Hannibal.
In early childhood the little Sam showed signs of sleepwalking. One night the baby was in the room of his sister Margaret, who was ill at the time, and pulled her blanket. Sammy himself later remembered nothing, as did all of this in a dream. But a few days later Margaret died, and Sam’s mother Jane Langhorne announced to everyone that her son medium … In Kentucky, where she grew up, common belief – who pulled off the blanket with a man who was soon to die, has the ability to foresee.

The sudden death of his father forced the 12-year-old Samuel seek ways of earning. He worked in the newspaper courier, printing workers, gold miner, working in a silver mine …

As a young writer served as helmsman aboard the “Pennsylvania” plying the Mississippi. Incidentally, his pseudonym Mark Twain literally means “mark two fathoms” – mark that shows that achieved the minimum depth that is suitable for the passage of river vessels.

At one time, the younger brother of Samuel Henry also swam the river. But in June 1858 he was killed in an accident – on the boat exploded boiler. A month before the death of his brother Samuel saw it in a dream. Henry lay in his coffin, standing on two chairs. On the chest of the deceased lay white roses, among which was one red. When my brother and I had an accident, Samuel took care of him in the hospital, but on the seventh day … Sam’s brother died, seeing that already can do nothing to help him, fell asleep from exhaustion. Waking up, he saw the corpse of his brother is already in the coffin of light metal, exactly the same as in a dream. It turned out, several wealthy ladies who touched the dead youth and beauty, collected money and bought the coffin. Is it worth adding that it stood on two chairs? Lacked only one detail – colors. And suddenly in front of Samuel came to the tomb unknown elderly woman and put on chest Henry bouquet of white roses centered Alel single red flower!

After this incident, an aspiring writer became convinced of the idea that sometimes a man given to anticipate some future events. Since then, Samuel Clemens awakened interest in parapsychology. Later, when he was a famous writer Mark Twain was one of the first members of the Society for Psychical Research, engaged in the study of phenomena of mesmerism, telepathy and other paranormal phenomena.

Mark Twain had a chance to get acquainted with many eminent men of his time. Among them was a deaf-blind Helen Keller, who had the gift of clairvoyance. She inexplicably knew what and who surrounds her at the moment, and even able to read the thoughts interlocutors. Telepathic abilities while still young Keller led Twain’s real delight. She, for example, managed to finish the phrase interlocutor, and repeating exactly the thoughts that he did not even have time to announce …

But the writer was not so trusting. Being a skeptic by nature, he often arranged Keller checks. Learning that Helen could learn a lot about a person just by touching his hand, Mark Twain gave her a real “test”. Somehow, good-bye to her, he suddenly returned the same evening, silently approached Helen and quickly ran his hands through her hair … She immediately asked: “Mr. Twain, you’re back? Is something wrong? “After this writer unconditionally believed in her phenomenal abilities. His feelings for Helen, he eloquently expressed in the letters. “You are a wonderful creation – he wrote in one of them – the most amazing thing in the entire world.”

Mark Twain was friends with the legendary scientist Nikola Tesla, with whom his native passion for science and all mysterious. This is reflected in the novel “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court”, which tells about the triumph of progress and begun genre of alternative history.

In 1907, Mark Twain was awarded the degree of Honorary Doctor of the University of Oxford, touching than proud. However, the last years of his life were marred by deep depression, caused the death of close relatives. In 1896, died of meningitis Twain’s daughter Susan, died in 1904, his wife, Olivia, and in 1909 another daughter – Jane.

In 1909, Mark Twain said: “I came into the world with Halley’s comet in 1835. It will come again next year and I want to leave the world with her. If this does not happen, it will be the biggest disappointment in my life. We came together, we have to go together. “

April 21, 1910, the day after another approach to Earth of Halley’s Comet, the writer died of a heart attack.

Amateur drawings and intrigue, Mark Twain continued to intrigue your readers and after death. So, the last book he wrote was the autobiography. According to the will of the writer, her first volume was published only a hundred years after his death, in November 2010 (and immediately became a bestseller). The second volume to be published in twenty-five years after the first (ie in 2035), and the third – quarter of a century later (in 2060) so that the author of the immortal “Tom Sawyer” will probably bring us more surprises.

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