How to develop intuition?

 intuitionOnce said Steve Jobs. Just what kind of ability, how to get it and then use it? Here are seven ways to find common ground with your sixth sense.

Trust yourself

According to neuroscience, intuition – inherent in all people a form of thinking, this is responsible for solving the problem with insufficient rationale.

This knowledge is not knowledge.

Intuitive answers come to us all the time, even before the logic will offer their own versions. Only usually we reject their thoughts: What nonsense, this is crazy, I have sufficient authority and so on. Therefore, to develop the intuition, you should first accept it, learn to trust yourself and not be afraid to turn off the beaten paths, or go against the majority opinion.

According to the psychologist Sylvian Liberzha Bart, when one listens to your inner voice, it sharpens the senses; he begins to notice something that did not pay attention the first time. The main thing is not to confuse intuition with the desire. Desire – that’s what we want. Intuition – the result of subconscious analysis.

Spend time alone

Not always, of course. Just to learn to listen to yourself, you sometimes renounce from happening, the head of the chase unnecessary care and to arrange regular visits to yourself alone. No wonder, the statistics show that intuition is developed best in introverts. According to Sophie Birnham, author of the book the art of intuition: in the turmoil of everyday affairs not catch and inferences, what can I say about the quiet voice of intuition.

Be curious

The main feature of all people with a developed intuition – they always pay attention to details. They may forget important dates, plans for the week, but be sure to remember that when a closed book, one of the pages jammed. Or notice that a colleague tie tied today is not as usual. Think Sherlock Holmes. No wonder in the works devoted to it is called intuition intuitive – for him there is no extra facts, sounds and details in the problem on which he works. All part of the same puzzle.

Anyone who wants to develop your subconscious analysis, psychologist’s advice to constantly pay attention to details. Try it for a couple of weeks of constant strain simultaneously hearing, sight and smell when meeting someone new. After a while you just want a first look to make an impression on the individual.


Reading other people’s thoughts – it’s not something kind of fiction, and what we all do every day. Scientists have proven that our brains are constantly copies facial expression, feelings, other symptoms. And all because of mirror neurons that are present in speech, motor, visual, associative, and other areas. Because of them we feel discomfort when someone pinched finger or genuinely understand the feelings of others in a given situation. In psychology this is called intuitive communication.

So often empathize and listen to the feelings of others. This is the same knowledge, which then will be included in the overall analysis. According to the psychologist Joachim Bauer, there would mirror neurons, there would be no intuition and empathy. No wonder developed intuition is more common in susceptible individuals.

Pay attention to dreams

And it’s not superstitious nonsense, and advice from an expert Sofia Birnham. According to her, dreams and intuition are formed from the unconscious, and thus may have the same nature. Some sinology, for example, MD Gennady Carpet believes that prophetic dreams – the result of a long mental process. Take, for example, sleep has turned out enough information to the brain during sleep dismantled all the data in the correct order.


According to recent research psychologist Clara Wolfe – intuition and creativity are inextricably linked with each other. She believes that intuition – the highest degree of skill in a particular skill, Best Artist – an intuitive artist. Intuition not only allows to bypass the generated stamps, but also requires less cost of brain – the body spends much less energy on intuition than on logical thinking. Moreover, the study showed the more a person manifests itself in the work, the better it works intuition. All because art makes the brain more flexible solutions.

Off film

Strong emotions, especially negative choke inner voice of intuition, as a whole, and the voice of reason. Especially anger, which, according to Birnham completely displaces all sorts of useful tips there some subconscious thinking out of your head. Positive emotions that usually relax a person and make him vulnerable, on the contrary, the results of psychological research (published in 2013 in the journal Psychological science) help keep your intuitive abilities in tone.

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