Did Jesus’ wife?

11 Apr

JesusFragment of Egyptian papyrus, which referred to the fact that Jesus was married, not a forgery. This was stated by Harvard University professor Karen King, who presented the papyrus at the conference in Rome on 18 months ago. Then the Vatican announced that the fragment – a modern forgery, according to NPR.

Written in Coptic text contained the phrase Jesus said to them, My wife … and she can be my disciple.  Since 2012, Professor King was heavily criticized because of his statements. However, the scientist said that the text in the papyrus does not mean that Jesus really had a wife.

According to Karen King, over the past two years he has been investigated papyrus particles containing carbon ink and handwriting letters and grammatical features. The results show that the fragment was established in VI – IX centuries. The study does not confirm that this is a modern forgery. Analysis of papyrus at Columbia University using Raman microscopy shows that the particles of ink on papyrus like ink residue left on papyri dating I – VIII centuries.

King began to study the fragment in 2011 at the request of its owner, who wished not to be named. Origin unknown papyrus. The owner told the scientist that he had purchased this piece and five other papyri in 1999 from a private collector, who in turn had bought them in the 1960s. in East Germany.

Fragment apparently was cut from the middle of a piece of papyrus bigger. Papyrus contains only eight partially preserved lines. Elaine Pagels professor of theology at Princeton University believes that the inscription does not mean that Jesus was actually married. In the Gospels, he often uses the language of symbols, perhaps this is a case in point.

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