Atlanta flew to Earth from Mars?

AtlanticScientists say they can prove that the lost city of Atlantic was on Mars and its inhabitants astronauts traded with ancient Egypt for a considerable period of time.

Even more incredible their assertion they have proof that the legendary Tutankhamen died in the crash of the space shuttle with the alien crew.

Martian civilization destroyed itself or was destroyed by a meteor, and Egypt was still in his prime, made a sensational statement, Dr. Stephen Weiss assembled journalists and scientists in Bern, Switzerland.
But residents have left their mark not only on Earth, but on Mars.

On Mars U.S. probes clearly show the identity of residues of temples and statues on the surface of the red planet. Technologies of the ancient Egyptians who still can not explain modern science – all this, of course, technology, which originated not on Earth, but somewhere else, in this case on Mars. It is our belief that these technologies Atlanta traded with the Egyptians for the gold.

Dr. Weiss and his colleague, an Egyptology Conrad Vetsch said that recently deciphered ancient Egyptian scrolls, which indicated that Atlantis was on Mars. Scrolls describe a technologically advanced civilization that exists outside our planet in the vast black ocean of space.

Scrolls also talk about space travel and space shuttle with the mother ship. In this space shuttle on the ferry, humanoid aliens from the mother ship to get the Earth’s surface.

Researchers have long known that the Egyptians were flying, as was found sophisticated model of what they called a glider in the tomb of Tutankhamen, Dr. Weiss told a group of journalists and scholars.

In light of new information gleaned from the scrolls, now we see that the glider was in the role of a space shuttle. And it was just such a spaceship that crashed with Tutankhamun on board.

Not all participants agreed with the experts and that theory. Dr. Seth Rausch, a German historian, said that they had gone too far, calling the Martian civilization of Atlantis. I have no doubt that the Egyptians have been in contact with aliens, – said the expert. “But while we do not actually visiting the ruins on Mars, there is no way of knowing whether they are the remains of Atlantis.

Norwegian astronomer Elling Gade agreed. Atlantic was maybe a colony of an alien civilization. But she definitely was on this planet, – he said.

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