Appeared bloody cloud

20 Apr

Red CloudEerie natural phenomenon observed villagers Ananjevo Issyk-Kul region. About unusual cloud of blood-red color resident told Love Potapov. It was just sunset, the beginning of the ninth night, and although we usually clouds pass over the mountains, here is a cloud went directly to Ananjevo.

This was an amazing sight! Above the lake, the sky is clear over the mountains, and this red cloud tongue moves towards Karakol- said eyewitness.
In addition, the same evening, according to Lyubov Potapova, her husband Nikolai Potapov observed flying in the sky, an unidentified flying object. Glowing ball size “more stars, but smaller than the Moon floated slowly toward Kegen (Kazakhstan) Balykchi.

These balls have often fly. I think this is due to the fact that Kazakhstan launch space rockets, satellites. But sometimes we see such phenomena are difficult to explain. Once over the mountains floating iridescent pearl ball, and another time in the Sary-Zhaze husband saw an immense fiery human figure hanging in the air.

My husband is an atheist, a traveler does not drink or smoke, little of what is believed, but had seen- said Love Potapov.

Note, according to the Federal Space Agency, nor from the Kazakh Baikonur cosmodrome to any other CIS space launches have not been done.

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