Ancient medicine

History of MedicineThe earliest known anatomical specimens in Europe is located in the Museum of the History of Medicine in Paris. That is an anatomical preparation became clear after detailed studies.

Artery mummies were filled with a solution of beeswax, lime and cinnabar mercury, which was introduced to preserve the body of the deceased. Radiocarbon dating showed that the remains belong to the years 1200-1280 BC The person who prepared them, was a master of his craft. The preparation is likely to be manufactured specifically for training students medieval anatomy.

It is a testament to the fact that although in those days it was forbidden to make any manipulation of dead bodies, yet some of them were used for scientific purposes.

Medical History Museum in Paris is located on the second floor of the University of Descartes in 1905. This is one of the most significant collections of anatomy, surgical instruments, paintings on medical topics.

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