The Earth oldest and largest crater

Oldest EarthThe heart of South Africa’s shabby Vredefort crater lurk curious black and green rocks. This is all that remains of the magma sea, once filled the hole in the ground, say Desmond Moser Western University of Ontario city of Canada. Vredefort crater ten-formed 2.02 billion years ago, and since then, of course, it did not spare the time.

Education called Vredefort was once very different. Its original diameter is estimated at 300 km. Asteroid or meteoroid, please Africa had probably 10 km in diameter and dug a hole, the depth of which is ten times larger than the Grand Canyon, says Mr. Moser. Continue reading “The Earth oldest and largest crater”

The oldest Jesus image found in Egyptian tomb

image of JesusSpanish archaeologists have found what may be one of the earliest images of Jesus Christ. A mysterious figure has been found on the walls of Egyptian tombs. Catalan group of archaeologists found a chain burial in the ancient city Oksirinhe today El Bahnasa, historic town about Egypt.

In one of the graves, decorated with numerous images, is, according to archaeologists, and one of the earliest depictions of Christ. Expedition leader Josep Padro called the discovery exclusive . Continue reading “The oldest Jesus image found in Egyptian tomb”

Cloning has led to the creation of new stem cell

CloningStart two research groups independently created unique stem cells from an embryo after cloning adult cells. This technology in the future can be used to generate patient-specific tissue replacement in degenerative diseases, for example, to replace the entire pancreatic tissue in patients with type 1 diabetes.

First stem cell lines from cloned human embryos were reported in May 2013 a team led by an expert in the field of reproductive biology Shoukhrat Mitalipov University of Oregon Health and Sciences in Beaverton. Continue reading “Cloning has led to the creation of new stem cell”

Ancient medicine

History of MedicineThe earliest known anatomical specimens in Europe is located in the Museum of the History of Medicine in Paris. That is an anatomical preparation became clear after detailed studies.

Artery mummies were filled with a solution of beeswax, lime and cinnabar mercury, which was introduced to preserve the body of the deceased. Radiocarbon dating showed that the remains belong to the years 1200-1280 BC The person who prepared them, was a master of his craft. The preparation is likely to be manufactured specifically for training students medieval anatomy. Continue reading “Ancient medicine”

Mark Twain- in search of a miracle

TwainAll of us in childhood avidly read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain … Meanwhile, the life of this writer has been associated with the mysterious and enigmatic events that forced him not only to believe in the paranormal field, but also to do her research.

Samuel Langhorne life began Clemens quite ordinary. The future writer was born November 30, 1835 in the small town of Florida U.S. state of Missouri. Subsequently Clemens family moved to another town in the same state – Hannibal. Continue reading “Mark Twain- in search of a miracle”

Seven mysterious artifacts Hermitage

Seven wonders1. Clock Peacock

In 1777, Prince Grigory Potemkin decided to once again surprise the Empress Catherine. He chose to work English mechanic James Cox. Why it is unknown. Maybe Russian Count saw amazing things in promotional catalogs, which published the master. To send a gift to Russia, it had to be dismantled.

Disassemble something apart, but were unable to collect – some details turned either broken, or lost. And would pylilsya spectacular gift, if in 1791 Potemkin not instructed to revive the birds’ Ivan Kulibin. And the master of the highest class has done the impossible: clock went and intricate mechanism was moved. Once the clock starts ringing, alive owl in a cage.
Continue reading “Seven mysterious artifacts Hermitage”

How to develop intuition?

 intuitionOnce said Steve Jobs. Just what kind of ability, how to get it and then use it? Here are seven ways to find common ground with your sixth sense.

Trust yourself

According to neuroscience, intuition – inherent in all people a form of thinking, this is responsible for solving the problem with insufficient rationale.

This knowledge is not knowledge.

Intuitive answers come to us all the time, even before the logic will offer their own versions. Only usually we reject their thoughts: What nonsense, this is crazy, I have sufficient authority and so on. Continue reading “How to develop intuition?”

NASA space telescopes have discovered Nibiru?

Discovered NibiruNASA researcher and the orbital telescope Spitzer discovered most of the known low-temperature brown dwarfs – dim star-like object, which surprisingly looks as frosty as the North Pole on Earth. By images from space telescopes can be quite accurately determine the distance from the Earth to the subject – 7.2 light years away, so he became the fourth nearest star system to our sun.

System is the nearest star, Alpha Centauri trio, to defend the Earth from about 4 light-years. Continue reading “NASA space telescopes have discovered Nibiru?”

Ancient pterodactyl were found in China

pterodactylRemains of ancient pterodactyl were discovered by paleontologists in China. Age scientists discovered fossils of 163 million years. A new kind of got the name Kryptodrakon progenitor . Pterodactyl had a wingspan of 1.4 meters, according to National Geographic.

First Kryptodrakon paleontologists have found the remains in 2001 in north-west China, but then researchers wrongly identified, considering that before them theropod bones. Clarity has made a new discovery, made a few years later. Continue reading “Ancient pterodactyl were found in China”

Why we can never go back to the past?

Back to the pastAccording to Albert Einstein, in order to travel in the future, we need to reach the speed of light. To go back in time, we need to exceed the speed of light. The current record for time travel is Esther Dyson.

It flew about 337 miles around the Earth’s orbit at a speed of 28 km / h (17,450 miles per hour) – and in fact, a total of 0.02 seconds moved into the future. This means that at this moment he steps into two hundredths of a second before you see how he does it. So the journey into the future is possible. Continue reading “Why we can never go back to the past?”