Cloning has led to the creation of new stem cell

Start two research groups independently created unique stem cells from an embryo after cloning adult cells. This technology in the future can be used to generate patient-specific tissue replacement in degenerative diseases, for example, to replace the entire pancreatic tissue in patients with type 1 diabetes. First stem cell lines from cloned human embryos were… Read more Cloning has led to the creation of new stem cell

Ancient medicine

The earliest known anatomical specimens in Europe is located in the Museum of the History of Medicine in Paris. That is an anatomical preparation became clear after detailed studies. Artery mummies were filled with a solution of beeswax, lime and cinnabar mercury, which was introduced to preserve the body of the deceased. Radiocarbon dating showed… Read more Ancient medicine

Ancient pterodactyl were found in China

Remains of ancient pterodactyl were discovered by paleontologists in China. Age scientists discovered fossils of 163 million years. A new kind of got the name Kryptodrakon progenitor . Pterodactyl had a wingspan of 1.4 meters, according to National Geographic. First Kryptodrakon paleontologists have found the remains in 2001 in north-west China, but then researchers wrongly… Read more Ancient pterodactyl were found in China