Why do they think about aliens world

Aliens worldOnce happened to meet one person who claimed that he was a citizen of one of the alien, and the world is on a business trip to study us and our lifestyle. He looked absolutely normal, and any doubts about his mental illness did not arise. Bit unusual color of skin and eyes, and that if you look good.

My question about what he was most interested in our lives, he said that only one event – a food chain. The fact that they have on the planet, all quite similar to what happens with us.All boring, ordinary, plain and simple. Live so – well, the state and the people are similar, even customs and traditions differ little. Singular and striking difference from our mundane routine way of living in that all beings on the planet only one type.

All reasonable, have their own rules and ways of residence, nationality, skin color – but all the polls vegetarians and eat only one single product that grows in nature, called vegetable. Although the plant is very rich in flora on their planet and varied, but the animal fauna consists of only one kind of creatures – two hands two feet, and head. Nothing special. Only the food chain they have no competition too. All just enough, for many years. Live, are born and die naturally or from disease. Gods and leaders are not. All respect each other, love and trust. State, it is a simple set of territorial know each other people – cultural, linguistic and ethnic characteristics. And enmity they do not have, because it never occurred.

Yes, somehow boring.

Then I asked what he is most unclear in our earthly competitive relationship, and our food chain. The answer stunned me. He said – that they then by all clear, it is not clear why we do not understand this phenomenon. And the more intelligent beings on our planet, the less they understand.

On your planet all vital system is built on the principle that all organisms without exception, to continue their life and reproduction, as a fuel, the same used by other organisms directly using them as food, pre-slaughter them, or using them indirectly. Occurs it is in a certain sequence in a certain way, called the food chain. In fact the food chain is a way that looks like a pyramid, with certain steps, each of which represents one type of organisms. Those kinds of organisms that feed on, are at a higher level than those that feed.

In nature, there always comes a mass balance or populations, between the stages of the food pyramid, where the lower level is always extensive than the upper.

People who are living organisms, is no exception. They, too, part of the overall natural food pyramid, with its hierarchical stages of their intraspecific pyramids. In other words, if a natural food interspecies pyramid, as it were, fixed by nature – that within the human species, there is a dynamic type of the pyramid, as subjects of the upper and lower stages of the pyramids are representatives of the same kind, they can be moved with lower degrees of pyramids the upper and vice versa.

Thanks to the distinctive biological changes in the environment of the human species evolved modification functions in the pyramids of the human species. Direct use of organisms upper stages of organisms lower stages, was partially replaced by a variety of indirect use of organisms. But the principles of not changed, and the laws have not changed pyramids.

Formed large hierarchical pyramid within the human species began to carry out the functions of the natural food chain because of other relationships in nature, except as food and reproduction, does not exist.

If well accustomed to well-known hierarchies within the human species, such as: – the power, financial, military, police, political, social, cultural, religious, industrial and public. That’s all it reminds variety of natural food pyramids. All actions ultimately boil down to the dominance of the upper stages of individuals over those of the lower levels, to ensure life and reproduction within the occupied level in the hierarchy. That is, each stage of the species natural food pyramids, roughly equivalent steps intraspecific human hierarchical pyramids. And the behavior of individuals at various levels of the human species correspond to the behavior of individuals of different species of natural levels of natural food pyramid.

The only feature is that the individual stages of human hierarchies are constantly applying for status at higher levels of human hierarchies, or slide down the competition at a lower level. But they are fighting for survival at the stage at which at any given time are. In this struggle for survival, occurs simultaneously with the struggle for change in status to a higher. After the transition of human beings to a higher level of the hierarchy, the lower level, the one on which a person was used by him, as the lower level of the natural food chain. All this is happening something like in nature.

Examples of this can lead to infinity. When an airplane pilot presses bomb hatch opening, he instinctively feels responsible only to those persons who are on its stage of human hierarchy and to those – those above, for example – his colleagues and commanders. And those who did not fall more than the representatives of the lower level of the hierarchy, their survival a little worried about it at the moment. The same thing happens with the police dispersing peaceful demonstrations, the military who are fighting even within their own state, with the owners of slaves or serfs, with business owners and businesses, politicians and officials, chiefs and leaders of nations, with the actors and even drivers of public transport.

For example, people of all human hierarchies, absolutely indifferent to the suffering of the people are in remote areas or in other countries. Suffering is not quite distant, but unfamiliar neighbors excite people suffering no more than an animal, which was their repasted. So nature is, and so is man who is fighting for survival only of the place or of the hierarchy, where he currently resides. It only cares about his responsibility to the narrow circle of his close and well-known to him. Remaining for him is the lower level, which can be used, or the highest level of which should be wary, and to aspire to.

You can select some of the features of human patterns of hierarchical relationships.

If people of the same hierarchical level are entrusted power over the other members of the hierarchy – they deliberately go for self-deception. Trust in this world can only know, proven trust, familiar and connected with close ties to people you communicate, and located on the same level with you. With the rest of the people shall be a contractual relationship only with the agreed measures of liability and responsibilities. Otherwise there will be cheating and using people as the bottom rung of the food pyramid.

The same thing happens if the trustee is the person closest to you, but after the change of status, it still does not justify your trust, he will fight for the survival of him and his colleagues on a new level of the hierarchy. His previous stage, they will be used as the lower level of the food pyramid. That is pushing the leader to a higher level of the hierarchy, use only a contractual relationship responsible, and control functions, because going to a higher level – people mutates and uses your step.

Any revolutionary actions of some stages of human hierarchies against other levels of hierarchy, leads to changes in the status of a number of individuals, and their transition to other levels of the hierarchy. But fundamental changes in the relationship between the stages will not happen. Because the revolution, it’s just flash the combined efforts of various classes or levels of hierarchy. A need constant force between the layers of society, similar to the reluctance of two opposite charges.

Stability and prosperity hierarchies depends on the specific values? of relations between their steps. Numerical or quantitative value of individuals at different levels of hierarchy should resemble a pyramid, where the lower level is always higher extensive. Lower level of the pyramids should always resist the strength greater than the combined effect of all the most senior levels of the pyramids. In all other cases, human and natural hierarchy pyramid become unstable and rapidly destroyed.

The lower stage of human hierarchies should be organized force capable of giving permanent opposition, all the forces of the upper stages together. Then the worlds people will gain stability for a long time.

There is no options, regardless of technological progress, or fruits of the mind. If, for example, one or more farmers, with the help of modern technology fed the rest of the planet, it’s a failure. All other people are losing their natural purpose, and become useless breeding mutants that depend on several people. If only one or a few plants provide energy throughout the planet, it too failed, only energy.

Enough single flash in the sun, and the end of everything. It must be a huge number of small autonomous power, a huge number of people leading independent activities for independent survival themselves or their small communities. Any kind of globalization, it is a failure. Any irregular pyramid shape is also not a natural collapse.

Principle of hierarchy and pyramids must be in everything, in all spheres of human activity. By nature, you need to look closely, to take her examples.

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