What is the Doomsday vault and that it contains?

14 Mar

 February 26, 2008 in Norway on Svalbard was discovered the world’s largest repository of crop seeds which are called Doomsday vault”. Object construction began in mid-2006 and in February 2008 it was opened officially.

 Granary Doomsday was built to preserve the seeds of the most important plants from around the world from possible disasters, such as nuclear war, sea level rise fall of an asteroid.

 Where is the Doomsday vault?

Doomsday Vault. Photo:  Gorden  Dag Jester Filip Dresden Repository is located near the small village of Yearlong, 1100 km from the North Pole. It was built at an altitude of 130 meters above sea level in the rock with a hollow in the rock at 120 meters Storage has double doors with explosion protection, vestibule with two hermetic lock chambers, motion sensors and walls of reinforced concrete one meter that can withstand getting nuclear warhead or an earthquake.

 What are the conditions of storage of seeds?

 In the granary seeds stored at a constant temperature of -18 degrees Celsius. They are sealed in bags and stacked in special boxes filled areas. If denied refrigerators, storage will continue to work, as it is located in the permafrost. Limited access of oxygen and low temperature are the guarantee of their safety. Granary is capable of containing a about 4.5 million species of plant seeds.

 Do all seeds can be stored in such conditions?

Seed germination depends on the cultivar. Some seeds such as, for example, peas, can only rise over 20-30 years, whereas other species, such as sunflower, and some cereal types, can remain viable for decades or even centuries.

Taking this into account, especially of stored samples taken a few seeds that are planted in the soil. After that, going to new, young seeds and placed in storage.

 Can anyone use the seed bank?

Doomsday Vault – warranty store and get some seeds can only be achieved if stored in the original seed funds for any reason will be lost. Party which deposited seeds in storage, retains ownership of them, and no one but her, has no right of access to fund the repository.

 Who financed the construction of the facility?

Doomsday Vault was built at the expense of the Rockefeller Foundation, Bill Gates, a major agricultural company Monsanto and other major financial companies. The project cost about 9.6 million dollars.

 Are there any similar store in the world?

 According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the world has about 1,400 seed banks, the largest of which are in the U.S., China, Russia, Japan, India, South Korea, Germany and Canada. In stores, there are more than 6.5 million kinds of seeds. Their main users are the breeders and scientists.

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